SMP2 - 3096 - Clintwards' and Mfloydp's Foodstuffs and Farm Store

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    Here at Clintwards' and Mfloydp's Foodstuffs and Farm Store (FFS) [SMP 2, # 3096] we focus on providing quality products geared toward adventurers and town residents alike. We specialize in:

    Supplies and Equipment:
    • Seeds (Wheat, Melon and Pumpkin varieties)
    • Water Buckets
    • Tools (Shears, Hoes, Shovels, Flint and Steel and Fishing Poles)
    • Coal (Previously sold as 'Charcoal' in our Store)
    • Boats
    • Leather
    • Cacti
    • Gunpowder (Sold as 'Sulfur' in our Store)
    • Obsidian (Sold on a by-customer basis [the chest is usually sold out - ask Clintwards for assistance])
    • Paper
    • Bonemeal
    • Oak Saplings
    • End Stone
    • Bread
    • Cake (One of our more popular items)
    • Steak
    • Pork
    • Mushroom Soup
    • Chicken
    • Melon
    • Pumpkins (as well as Jack O' Lanterns!)
    • Rotten Flesh (for those of us who prefer to dwell beneath the grave :D)
    Recipe Ingredients:
    • Milk Buckets
    • Eggs
    • Bowls for Mushroom Soup
    • Sugar
    We also specialize in providing customers with:
    • Cobblestone Generators*
    • Obsidian Generators*
    • Piston-Operated Farms*
    • Canal-Based Reed Farms
    • Melon and Pumpkin Farms
    • Chicken Farms‡
    • Fishing Lakes and Fountains
    (* - Costs reflect the purchase of Lava Buckets, Pistons and Redstone Supplies at reasonable market rates; alternatively you may provide these Supplies and we'll lower the Generator's/Farms price!)

    (- Costs reflect the purchase of Sand/Glass and Eggs at reasonable rates; alternatively you may provide these Supplies and we'll lower the Farm's price!)

    If you'd like a demonstration of the above Farms and Generators, feel free to contact Clintwards or Mfloydp!

    While in our store, if you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to ask Clintwards or Mfloydp for assistance (provided that we're online ;)) and we'll help you right away. Please note that our store is currently undergoing Improvements and Construction to fully stock our chests. Some items may be unavailable initially. Updates on item availability will be posted below!

    NOTE: Many people have been asking me what my texture pack is in the photos below. It's the 'John Smith Texture Pack' Version 1.0.0. It comes with a customizer that lets you choose from different textures for certain items. Here's a link to it on the Minecraft Forums:

    John Smith Texture Pack 1.0.0 w/ Customizer

    Examples* of Farms and Generators Available from us:

    Obsidian Generator*

    Cobblestone Generator*

    Melon & Pumpkin Farms*

    Piston-Operated Wheat Farm*

    Canal-Based Reed Farm*

    Fishing Lake and Fountain*

    (* - Please note that these are examples, actual design may vary depending on customer taste and coin)
  2. Update on Item Availability:

    After about 2 hours, all our store's items and services that are offered are now in stock, and most exterior landscaping and construction is complete! Thanks to all who visited during our Grand Opening, it means a lot to us here at FFS!

    Reminder to all:
    • If, while viewing our products, you come across an item that you think is extremely overpriced, please notify either Clintwards or Mfloydp who will go about checking similar stores' prices to match or beat their listed price! Thanks!
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  3. Wow, you have certainly put the effort into your shop post :) Well done, it looks awesome, I will pop by sometime to check it out :)
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  4. Thanks! This is my first store ever and it's happy to see I haven't crashed and burned... yet :D:D:D
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  5. An update: Charcoal isn't correctly recognized by stores in Empire Minecraft, so it won't be sold at our store. Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused. Clintwards or Mfloydp can sell it to you manually for the same price.

    Note: Charcoal is the exact same thing as Coal, per the Minecraft Wiki:

    "Charcoal is an alternative to coal. Burning wood in a furnace creates charcoal, which can be substituted for coal in all uses, including making torches, powering minecarts, and smelting objects. This will undoubtedly make it easier to survive your first night as it allows the player to make torches much more easily, as no coal needs to be mined in order to craft torches any more. Charcoal does not stack with coal. Charcoal and coal look exactly the same and cannot be changed with a texture pack as the texture is shared between the two."

    This is what a chest would look like if it sold Charcoal:
    In testing, it doesn't work. Sorry y'all.
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  6. An update: All items should be restocked now!

    Reminder - We offer these Services:

    • Cobblestone Generators
    • Obsidian Generators
    • Piston-Operated Farms
    • Canal-Based Reed Farms
    • Melon and Pumpkin Farms
    • Chicken Farms
    • Fishing Lakes and Fountains
    See the pictures at the beginning of this thread to see what some of the products offered may look like! :)
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  7. How much would it cost for you to make all those farms and generators?
    I am interested in buying one of each :). Hope you see this soon!
    Thank you. S_R_L_B
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  8. Hi S_R_L_B! Well their prices are lowered if you have some of the materials already. That being said, I can design and build each farm/generator to whatever fits your needs and budget! What's your address?
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  9. Well i am on smp1 if that is ok? The res i want it on is 1164 and im pretty sure i can supply the supplies :) I could pay 1000r But if you need more just tell me :)
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  10. Well. its not my res but it is? Like i can give perms to it :)
    And its kinda dodgy now :/
    Ill fiz it :)
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  11. I'm there and ready to negotiate in a private conversation! :)
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  12. This is a bit off topic but what texture pack u using?

    Awsomeantz1's your man so make a plan
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  15. Well yes, the item ID for coal is 263, and the charcoal ID is 263:1. In testing (and through customer experience) we've found that charcoal doesn't work when it's sold in chests. So now we're offering to sell it manually (i.e. we throw you the amount of charcoal you'd like and you '/rupees pay' us). Thanks!
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  16. Wow great job Clint this seems to be coming along nicely!!!
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  17. EDIT: Changed 'denizens' to 'residents' in the first paragraph.... As the term 'denizen' had a slight negative connotation that I wasn't aware of. I also added Bonemeal, Gunpowder, and Obsidian to the list of supplies.

    Again, if you ever come across any item sold in our store that seems quite expensive or overprices, please let Clintwards or Mfloydp know and we'll take appropriate action to rectify the error in price.

    Thanks again to all your support!
  18. Hello,
    I will an farm, with the Design and Size from Chris_Jackson for 1500R,
    Pls Replace The outside Cobblestone to BrickStone.

    The place for the FarmingMachine is on BlackBoB14s res (my Friend).
    You become the Perm. for build and Use On Monday-Morning,
    On Monday do you become 750 R and Tuesday do you become the other 750.

    Sry For my bad English, I Hope you understand it. ;)

  19. Hi 3xtr3me! I'd be happy to help you with your farm. I'll start work on it as soon as I get the materials. Alternatively, you may provide the materials, and I'll be able to lower the price for the farm.
  20. your building is AWSOME i rlly want piston farm and obsidian gen for free though
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