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  1. Hello Emperians!
    My mall (1112) is undergoing a lot of changes, one is that i don't have enough time to stock it anymore, so i need YOU guys to stock it :)?
    What is happening is that lets say Bob1234 got "Decoration & Building Blocks" Floors. I'll give him build permission and he will set up whatever prices he finds fitting at that floors, and i'll remove all hes perms and give him access signs to all the chest's.
    You will stock everything you sell, and you will earn money as people buy stuff aswell as lose when people sell you stuff.
    I will keep an eye on all my floor managers to check if they do fair prices and keep they stuff in stock, and if someone leave their shop un-managed for lets say 14 days? (ofc without telling me why) i'll remove hes acccess and sell signs, and place chest's with hes stuff in on residences 1111.

    Managers required for floors:
    Red Floor: Stone Blocks/Stone Items. Claimed by Runningrhino
    Baby Blue Floor: Wood Blocks/Crafted Wood. Claimed by xHaro_Der
    Orange Floor: Decoration/Building Blocks. Claimed by ninjaboy5656
    Blue Floor: Ores, Gems & Ingots. Claimed by yankees518
    Yellow Floor: Utilities Claimed by cddm95ace
    Pink Floor: Wool & Dyes
    Lime Floor: Natural Items & Food.
    Magenta Floor: Mob Drops. Claimed by xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    Green Floor: All Nether Items. Claimed by serialkicker
    Purple Floor: Redstone Items.
    Cyan: Animal Eggs & Chemicals. Claimed by Mindlegokid
    Black Floor: Miscellaneous, Tools & Armour.

    Please start a private conversation with me here on, and tell me why you are the guy for what floor. Also note this doesn't cost you a single rupee :)
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  2. Would we make a certain % of the revenue from that floor? Like if I were to manage the gems & ingots and it profitted 10k in a week, how much of that 10k would I make?
  3. Earn 10,000 - Get 10,000.
    You own the signs, i get nothing.
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  4. o.o Well alright

    I assume we start with 0 stock, so basically what we do is own the floor? Pretty much renting out part of your mall for free?
  5. Just out of curiosity, could we possibly only chose certain items from many floors to stock? I'm planning on choosing a floor, but if possible, there are specific things I can easily keep well stocked. :)
  6. If you pick like black floor, you need to stock everything i select to put on that floor ;)
  7. Alrighty, I think I'll snag the orange floor if it's still available. :)
  8. faith! I can do the stone and stone items floor!
  9. <-- New light blue manager :p
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  10. Updated main post.
    You are also welcome to contact me in-game :)
  11. Light blue floor (wood) all stocked up and prices are lower than ever :)

    Paper is now cheaper than even supply companies and is completely stocked :)
  12. You're gonna restart a previously failed attempt at stocking a mall that's too big to stock on yourself? Why not just quit...?
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  13. Well, he's split the role of stocking the whole thing himself upon many floor "managers", and it's their responsibility to stock their respective floor. Therefore making it easier to stock the entire thing. :)
  14. Because I spent all that time making a nice sig image out of it, with purple fire and everything. :3 it'd be a shame to let that go to waste.
  15. But his previous ''Floor managers'' failed BADLY at their task. 1112 was horribly stocked and the managers did nothing to prevent that. They're all acting special, but it's a Hard task to keep up with the demand!
  16. *Stop Eclipsys' Master Building Services* XD

  17. Except this time, he gets nothing! Mwahaha :p
  18. Thanks for support, mr. Sceptic. Are you saying that all his future employees will fail, just because the ones in the past did? I hired many workers for various jobs too, and guess what, you can't always know what is one good at if you don't give him/her a chance to show it.
  19. I'm not stating the new ones will fail, I'm stating the old ones did. Why is everyone jumping to conclusions when I say something?


    And besides, I've had multiple employees come trough my building services, and some eventually didn't have enough time to keep up with the speed, and left :)

    So indeed, everyone deserves a chance, but don't rephrase my statement into something i didn't say...
  20. Information to all.
    The whole Eclipsys thing is just pure gibberish.
    A few months back i had the same plans with 1112 (putting in managers to stock it)
    It never started, there wasn't even made a single sign on 1112 by a floor manager, only one was hired for the job, and it never started.

    Why do you have to join all my threads and start insulting me. I know you are Eclipsys and feeling abit cool and such, but please just stay away if you have nothing nice to say.
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