Smp1 is going crazy -_-

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Vote if you want a server for adults only

Yes ! 16 vote(s) 43.2%
No. 14 vote(s) 37.8%
I don't Care 7 vote(s) 18.9%
  1. I play on smp1 and probably other servers but everyone keeps cussing, caps ?!!!???!!!!?!??!!?!?! also asking what to do (there Empire guide is there for a reason) and people ask for things (donations, come to me store). I dont know maybe its there age.. We should have a server for 18+ i am so tired of listening to these little kids complain and not know how to act when THERE ARE rules for a reason. Does anyone else agree with me?
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  2. How do you know there all under 18? Also, if there was a 18+ sever, that would start a new type of spam, links to porn sites.... Trust me, they would come. I simply just don't see how this is needed.
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  3. Most of those people acting like spoiled brats are probably adults.
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  4. Must be due to the fact that I am not in game with my famous catchphrase. :)

    Heh, don't leave us kells! I would be sad/:
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  5. Dw this happens on ever serer not just EMC, their is no way of stopping this childish behavior
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  6. No that's not what I meant, ok sorry I didn't really put enough detail in this.. I am just tired of not enough staff on any server watching this stuff. I have made a thread of this before I just think it is becoming more of a problem each and every day. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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  7. I will have to agree here.

    Although the maturity level may seem rather low on this server, it's not any better elsewhere.
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  8. Don't worry, I will apply for staff soon :3
  9. In this case: ./report is your best friend
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  10. Justin picks new mods when they need them. If its as bad as you say, that will be soon.
  11. I would love to be a moderator and take action. But i dont know, i like my play time on the server
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  12. /report or /ignore
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  13. Very true.

    Although I have only been on the server for 4-5 days now, there have been quite a few instances where players have acted very immature. Almost every one of those times, I politely asked them to stop doing whatever they were doing that was wrong or against the rules. It seemed like a few of them took it upon themselves to ignore me rather than take the warning and move on. This is where report comes in. I give people 3 chances. If they blow the third chance, i report them. I have reported several people, and moderation action took place on those members.
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  14. Well sometimes report isnt enough. Maybe mods are not online, or just too damn busy to take emmidient action. I know there's ALOT of ppl on the servers, and the mods can have a hard time keeping up to the amount of reports ...

    But still, I like your idea Kells, but just because you're 18 dsnt mean that you're mature and will refrain from caps-spamming. But yeah if there were a way to separate the 'childish' from the 'mature', i'd be totally in for it.
    All in all, you have my support. :)
  15. So in short, an Invite Only server? :p
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  16. lol I am mature (when im online) but hey everyone is not gonna act mature 24/7 there is a kid in all of us but only if you know how to control it and still act your age at serious times. I have reported plenty of people but they never get kicked or banned.. so ya. I just wish we had the system that automatically did it so moderators wouldn't have to check them.
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  17. Yeah kinda :p But you make it sound easier than it would prolly be ;)
  18. The mods actually have a way to see what is going on without being on the server. For example one night someone in SMP7 was spamming. NurseKilljoy wasn't even in the server and kicked him. Today someone was spamming and Max wasn't there and kicked him. I forget what it's called but they can see it.

    I don't like ignoring people but with all the "COME TO MY CASINO!" "WHO HAS A GREAT CASINO!" spam I use it. Chat is a lot quieter.
  19. We all have that little child inside when it comes to a point :p
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  20. If there's enough interests , i don't mind hosting a ventrilo/teamspeak server for the mature players that want to chat.
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