SMP1 Free Public Shearing!

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  1. Smp1 Free public shearing!
    /v 1752

    100 sheep ready to be sheared!

    25 White!
    25 Black!
    2 Pens of 25 Total of 50 sheep whatever color you want!

    Have extra wool? Sell it to me!

    Need wool? I sell it dirt cheap in the shop next to the Free Public Shearing!
  2. Hey psst, where is it?... :p
  3. GOD i keep forgeting to put locations on my threads lol thanks for looking out x)
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  4. bump! still their all the wool colors are out! come and make some money!
  5. u should add tag 2 make it easy 2 remember.. dunno... /v +sheep or /v +shear, helps ppl come back.

    imma gonna check ur place out l8r.
  6. i dont know how to add a tag
  7. Do /res tag add (shear, wool, sheep, free, awesome) without quotations you will have to add each of those seperately. I would also add tags to your mall (mall,shop,bulk,danial, superheroinc)