SMP1 Back up (Maybe?)

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  1. smp1 ... is fixed
  2. They beat you to it lol
  3. time to go play some street hockey now. game on!
  4. Sorry about mine, just made one, ignore. When it comes back up, will the server lag be gone with it?
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  5. Potentially.
  6. Hopefully...
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  7. When it comes back, will we have any sort of backtracks or anything...?
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  8. Well, time to explore some mods on solo 1.6.4! :3
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  9. I highly doubt it. At most, the rollbacks should be by a couple of minutes.
  10. Thanks for the news Jack. Whenever anything is known, many of us will be watching this thread! Please keep us informed and not in the dark!

    Good Luck!
  11. Okay. Good Luck.
    I guess it is a good time to do something else for a while. :)
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  12. Well, now I don't need to fret about having no wifi during a snowstorm, now that emc is down I would have nothing to do anyways ._.
  13. Do you use Explore Net?
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  14. Will we be informed of what the problem is when the servers come back?
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  15. Books are always fun :)
  16. Time to start these essays I've been pushing back for the past few weeks. ):
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  17. Potentially.
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  18. Raymond E Fiest - Riftwar saga
    Brent Weeks - Night angel trilogy
    Branden Sanderson - Mistborn trilogy / Way of the Kings Arc

    Thats all you need for whne EMC is down!
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  19. True that books are fun, but EMC is funer-er! Well, time to do work so I can play more later!
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