Smp 9's Time capsule 2.0

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What date would best suit you for closing the capsule?

Friday, December 18th 2015 @9 pm EST 9 vote(s) 33.3%
Saturday, December 19th 2015 @9 pm EST 9 vote(s) 33.3%
Sunday, December 20th 2015 @9 pm EST 9 vote(s) 33.3%
Monday, December 21st 2015 @9 pm EST 9 vote(s) 33.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hello EMC and Smp9, ill be hosting a anther !!!

    For everyone that remembers, I hosted a time capsule event a few years back that went off with out a hitch. So with my guessed it, I plan on doing it again!

    In the coming Weeks ill be building the capsule itself, and getting everything ready for this event.

    Closed Date is ------------ To be determined by Poll!
    Open Date is --------------To be determined date chosen by the poll

    What Should i put in there?

    Ill be doing thing's a little different. Each player shall be given one single chest to add the following

    1.A written book signed by them of why they like EMC and how they have spent their time here so far

    2. a written book of the people they have met along the way and what they know about them like or not write what you wish

    3. a written book about what you hope to see in EMC in a years time "be real aikar can only do so much"

    4.A written book listing the items you wish to place in your capsule " items that you like or love ,maybe your favorite building block at the time, your least favorite building block," so on and so forth. below you sell an example of what i would like to see in the books [all items must be listed in the book or i wont accept them ]
    5.Any other little things that make you laugh

    Some random idea's!

    -map with you favoite place to visit in the wild

    -book with res you like to visit
    -book with locations in the wild you like to visit as in a year you might not remember them all
    -silly rename items
    -well use you imagenation most of all!

    I do require that you sign all books so that in one years time you know that it is infact your stuff.

    Now a few things to keep in mind
    -No one but you shall know what is going in the chest not even me.
    -Even ill be doing a capsule.
    -Keep clean and abide by all EMC rules
    -This is open to any one that would like to join the event
    - This room will be sealed up and not set foot into for 1 year.
    - You once this is re-opened in a year you get everything back but before you unload you chest I would like to get screen shots of your books before you take them or if you would like leave them with me when the event is over

    -if you happen to get perma banned and or quit during this time, your capsule will be open by me only in a years time

    Your Check list
    -Get everything together and follow this thread!

    -Once you have everything you want store in your chest, Start a convo with me on the forms and well, have your chest set up as soon as everything is built.
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  3. Cool looking forward to it!
  4. Oh I loved this when I did it a few years ago <3

    I'll be participating this year, if I can make the time to write the books anyway...
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  5. I love it, I'll for sure be putting stuff in.
  6. I mis-voted on the poll D: Just know it's minus one to Sunday night and plus one to Saturday night.
  7. I did the past two years capsules and plan to do this too :D
  8. Bumpin this for some attention yall!
  9. Ah, thank you FDNY, for telling me about this!
    "Ill be doing thing's a little different." Yeah? This seems very similar to your previous one :p
    Anyway, I'll be sure to make some time to put something in.
    Last time, I loved it.
    The closing time doesn't really matter to me, as I'll just make sure I'm in time :)
  10. The difference is the listing the items you are putting in in the chest, last time a player or two accused him of stealing their items when he couldn't confirm 100% what items they were missing. With this players have proof what items went in and any missing are obviously stolen. :)
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  11. Anything not listed wont be accepted in a capsule this time around.
    Luckily last time it was you stole my cookies, why in the word would some one steal cookies....
  12. can you use promos and can you combine the books into one book
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  13. Yes on promos " its any item you want in there, could be dirt if you wish. AS for the books yes but i would like a seperate book for the items.
  14. Are you still going to do this since Krysyy made her own? Not to mention all the dates in the poll have passed.
  15. No been meaning to post here, life holidays hit me harder this year then normal.