Smash Up fans, Pokemon fans, and fantasy fans unite!!

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  1. I'm looking for people who play on this server that have similar interests to me, so that I have people to chat about those interests with. My interests should be in my description. :)
  2. Whats "smash up"? Also I play / have played almost every pokemon. Im playing Alpha sapphire atm.
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  3. smash up is sort of a simpler version of magic the gathering, where you pick two decks and combine them in order to win victory points from bases. theres a number of expansions and you can even create your own deck and submit it to get it made official.
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  4. I have never played Magic but have seen it played a few times. I prefer Smash Up.
  5. Me Like Pokémon X. Level 100 Delphox. Level 84 Xerneas. ETC!
  6. snow_freak, I'm playing Omega ruby and have played Pokemon games as old as blue version. Do you just play through the game or do you create a competitive team? I started training competitive-ish teams when the destiny knot got its secondary effect. Before then, IV training was way too time consuming and I'm assuming that people RNG manipulated to get the IVs they wanted.
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  7. bitemenow15, have you played Smash Up? I'm assuming you have. Do you play where each person gets a random combination or do you play where each player picks one? How many expansions have you seen? What do you think the worst factions are? I think that the worst faction would be among ghosts, dinosaurs, or pirates.
  8. colepuncher, do you know what natures, IVs, and EVs are?
  9. I use to know, and have my 3ds right next to me... I might have to actually beat X I got lazy xD
  10. The reply button isn't working so..


    Natures I think is how the pokemon is in general...

    I don't know the other two..
  11. i like playing where each player picks one and it goes clockwise so you have to hope for the combo you want. ive seen every expansion and a few that havent been released yet, personally i think the magic factions are the worst like arcane university, my fav combo is ninjas and aliens cause you can move your placed cards around
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  12. That grammar tho
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  13. Oh that sounds pretty cool..

    I kinda used to just play trough the game but since Y I started seeing there was more after you finished the league (competitive teams). however I'm not that good at it :p

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  14. If you got a 3DS I'll be willing to play n battle on Pokemon X or Pokemon Omega Ruby with ya :)
  15. I hope to be getting the big geeky box and the science fiction double feature for Christmas, so what are the factions in those like? I know what they are. I just don't know what their specialties are.
  16. I would battle, but, at the moment, I don't have a competitive team trained up. If we were to battle, we would have to have limits on what Pokémon could join, such as no legendaries or going by smogon OU tier and lower.
  17. I love Pokemon, and I have a keen interest in fantasy :p
    I've never really heard of Smash Up though...
  18. It is cool. You can just get the original game with 8 factions to mix and match but I prefer a more diverse selection.
    I forgot about the reply button. :p
  19. Yeah, you might. ;)
  20. EV is short for effort value. Pokémon get them when they battle other species of Pokémon. They can really boost a Pokémon's stats. IVs are a pokemon's genetics, basically. If you make sure they have good IVs, it also boosts a pokemon's stats.