Sky's Amateur Photography!

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  1. I'm an amateur photographer. I don't get paid for it (though I should!), and I don't even have a watermark. But I really enjoy it. I am a hobbyist in general. I mostly write, I draw and color, and I take photographs hence this thread. (I promise I won't spam!)
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  2. Happy doggo!
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  3. What type of camera do you use (the model)?
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  4. It's a Nikon Coolpix, and for a small digital camera it's a very good one
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  5. Nice, nice. Loving the photos BTW. Forgot to mention in the previous post.
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  6. thank homie. First one with the dog was taken at Lake Michigan, it's my lil puppy named Patsy, and the second one was taken in New Jersey just this summer. The waves were really hard and they were crashing over the jetti and it was a gr9 day c:
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  7. Oh my gosh, your dog is a cutie! How old btw? (Turning this into some friendly chat XD ((This is the last post from me for now))).
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  8. She's so old tho she's like 14 now. Love my baby, we've had her since I was 2
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  9. I've shown this before, but it's the weird apocalyptic sun! :eek:
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  10. Nice! :D I have a Sony a5100
  11. Woot more photography EMC players! Welcome to the Nikon team! =)
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  12. (I really hope posting in this once a day isn't considered spam ahh)
  13. Is it the Nikon L840 Coolpix? That's the one I have :D
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  14. Great pics, i'd love to see more.
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  15. I gotchu fam
  16. You know that saying, Chicago has the most beautiful skyline? I second that c:
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  17. The beautiful sun of Avalon, New Jersey
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  18. Pretty pretty pictures!!!!!
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  19. thank u bab <3

    (I should start adding more watermarks to more of my pictures because I'm starting to run out of them. I'm just s o la Z y ;n; .)