Sky Grid

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  1. So guys, I was thinking of something new that maybe can be added, and ive seen it around before and I have played it a lot my self and I know it's awesome, so i hope other people will like it to,

    Sky grid is a game where there is most of the Minecraft blocks with a spaced radios of 4 blocks apart, so it means you have to run and jump to these blocks, and there can be how as many floors as you wont and it starts from the top to all the way down to the bottom. with this means if you miss the jump you are more likely to fall to your death or hit an another block and fall to your death.

    With the aim of the game is to gather up resources and things like that, proper survival, and the aim is to get to the end portal which is somewhere in the world and kill the ender dragon, and then basically its over and you have one.

    If this did ever happen I would know that things would have to be changed because things happening.

    But i thought i would let you know as i thought this was a good idea.

    here is a video of one of my best you tubers playing it.

  2. Not sure this is for EMC.