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  1. I was recently helping my new friends go on the tutorial and I noticed a annoying about of signs that say "/skip to skip tutorial". It is already ridiculous with the /skip, but since that isn't changing anytime soon we need to a tleast take a way a few signs. Every time you finish a question you get alarmed with /skip tutorial signs, and basically this is just persuading players to skip even though they don't have too...

    Just a suggestion. I don't know if I made this confusing or something, I think we need to remove the volume of the /skip signs, the beginning is already enough.

    OTHER IDEA FOR /skip :
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  2. I agree /skip is making it easier For Griefers/Advertisers/ and hackers to come and do what they wannted to do either hack/ Grief/ Or Just advertise pther servers...
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  3. On 4, we're getting a large amount of advertisers...
    Perhaps if you /skip, you can't chat for 30 minutes in the town channel.
  4. That may be a little harsh for players who want to get to know people when they join..
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  5. PM, or local/residence chat. It simply serves to prevent mass advertising.
    It may be too harsh an option though, there will always be better alternatives.
  6. ...
    I can see it now:
    Dear Aikar 3.0...
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  7. Restricted chat for /skippers might not actually be that bad, really...

    Sure, don't completely block them from town chat... but you could limit their messages per minute in it, as well as enforce a stricter filter (including all non-EMC urls, etc.) on them. Every 10 or so messages could tell them to remove the restrictions by completing the tutorial.
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  8. What about those alts?
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  9. The tutorial takes minutes to do, I wouldn't say alts redoing the tutorial would be a problem.
  10. I started the Tutorial last night to help get someone else started and was surprised at what the start looks like. There were signs all over the place and most of them including the one I was facing say: "Type /skip to skip the Tutorial".

    It's no wonder there are complaints. Most people are going to see all the signs saying to /skip it and think that is what they are supposed to do, like it is still under construction or something. I think I would if I had seen that the first time I logged in.

    It seems like we should at least give new people some minimal instructions other than to suggest that the area they spawned into is not important enough for them to experience it. The tutorial is a cadillac and I can see why some people leave rather than go through it. Rather than skipping everything, we need a "If you learn nothing else here, you need at least need to know these things.", kind of choice.

    Maybe we should spawn in facing a small wall that has the very basics like don't steal, grief, or pvp on it with a note at the end saying that it is in their best interest to do the tutorial but if they choose not to, they may skip it by typing /skip.

    Most people don't mind helping new players with finding an open Residence and learning commands, but the present arrangement sets new players up with absolutely no information at all, other than that they know the /skip command by the time they get to Town.

    A player joined my server the other night and asked if this was a creative server, then when told "no" he asked where to get blocks. Someone told him to go to /shop. Before I realized what was going on and give him a better explanation to his questions he had logged off. I was a little busy but what he really should have been told was that there is a /Town, /Wild, and /Waste for him to play on and that he could mine, buy, or trade for blocks.

    I'm thinking he was a tutorial skipper. Regardless of how people are introduced to playing here, if they can't grasp basic things about how it works, a lot of them are going to leave.
  11. /skip is the lazy way out, how else would you come to learn about the server without at least a tutorial?
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  12. I went to the Tutorial to find out what you mean and you are extremely right.
    There is a Sign overload
    It is almost as if they are encouraging people to skip the tutorial
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  13. I just tried /skip which I had been... skipping. It does lead to some basic instructions.

    I was thinking if the /skip passage were wider, there could be signs with basic information and a Message sign for more detailed information where appropriate. Someone could cruise right on through or take more time to learn if they want to. I guess that would make it back into a tutorial though.
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  14. There defiantly is a massive overload of signs.. its just encouraging the players to skip when they don't have to.. it should be a choice(which it is) but the amount of signs makes it look like the tutorial is in construction(like said above) and people my think that is the default choice.

    Sadly, the empire actually can be very confusing when you are new. Two nights ago I got my two friends started and they had massive trouble about how to work stuff, which makes me go back to my last opinion on how "the tutorial is very confusing."

    Either way, we need to remove some of these signs because I am sure the members already know when they first sign the massive numbers of signs.
  15. One thing that annoys me about /skip isn't the fact that the option to skip is there - it's that skipping is practically encouraged.

    If I designed that part of the tutorial, it would be more like this:

    In chat: "Welcome to EMC, blah blah, register stuffs, link to rules. Our tutorial shows you the basics, as well as rewards you for spending a few minutes doing it. Type start to being the tutorial, or skip to skip it. Note that if you skip the tutorial, it is your responsibility to work things out yourself.". No signs, just a chat prompt.

    Players who decide to skip the tutorial will be asked to confirm the skip in chat, and will then be teleported to town. Along with possible chat restrictions, the boss bar would appear at the top of the screen, and would cycle between a few tips, the rules, and essential info, as well as the command to return to the tutorial. Their chat box would have a link to the rules and wiki frozen to the bottom of it. Completing the tutorial would remove these things.

    Players who attempt a rupee transaction which they can't afford, but haven't completed the tutorial would be told that they can earn rupees by doing it, instead of showing the empire.us/rupees message.

    It would be nice if kick/ban screens reminded them to complete the tutorial too.
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  16. What's the point of having the option of skipping a tutorial to something you're new to?

    Isn't that avoiding the responsibility of learning how the server is ran?
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  17. Plus, free stuff. Cuz who doesn't like getting free stuff? I mean, that's kind of what an alt is for: Free promos, free res, free rupees... It makes sense to have an alt do the tutorial.
  18. Because it makes people not wanna quit because they have to go through a tutorial. xD

    They need to suck it up and do it so they know the facts.
  19. Which we all know, rules govern the way we run any order or organization.
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