Skin change, heads won't update...

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  1. I've recently changed my skin but my old heads that I have collected will not update to show new skin and new heads that drop still show old skin. I've tried putting them in my vault. Nothing changed. I also can't seem to change my avatar to the current skin I was getting edited. My skins should look red in the face. Any ideas?

    Should look like that.
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  2. To my knowledge this is by design. Heads which have already been given out will not follow any skin updates, so the only way to update your head collection is to get new ones.
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  3. I've tried getting new heads AFTER updating my skin, but they are still dropping the old head.
  4. I've noticed this too. After my skin change the heads that now drop will reflect the change for a time, but then revert back to my old skin.
  5. Put the heads in your vault and go to the mystical smp8. It worked for me... #SMP8CuresHeads
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  6. ;)
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  7. Is this still an ongoing issue? Reason I ask (was going over the thread again and considering other options) is that it seems plausible that the server could need some time before your new skin is fully recognized. A bit comparable to the forum; when I changed my skin quite a few times (during my "Dress the Shell" competition) I noticed that it took a little while before the forum picked up my head icon.

    Considering that some time has passed I'd give this a new try to make sure.
  8. The avatar would not update right away on the forums. As you can see it is the right one now, as of this morning. The heads... nothing has changed. I've left them in my vault overnight. I have 2 alts that changed their skins as well as another players head that was recently changed. All remain the same. I will try to pop my head off again at some point and see what i get.
  9. Yah, like I said: the heads don't update. I clearly remember Aikar saying this in another (related) thread. But the new heads should definitely eventually work out. Good luck there though, the drop rate has lowered a bit.
  10. I figured that they wouldn't change, but the ones that dropped after the change, you'd think they would. Anyways more cliff diving I guess. :)

    EDIT: First try got a head lol but it's still the old one.
  11. Then I'm almost convinced that you ran into a bug. Esp. since it has been 24hours or so (I think?).
  12. Maybe not 24 hrs since this skin but def longer then 48 since I changed. So it should be something different. I'm not the only one either. Dektriok's head did not change either. Not sure how long it was after he switched though.
  13. I had to log off because of a small job at work.. anyways when I cam back on, the head was my current skin. :) So maybe it just needs a god amount of time to update. Still odd that the others that popped off after changing skins remained the same. Oh well. :)

    EDIT: Now its back to original head lol
  14. I'm not following here. Are you now talking about your head in-game, so: you used a new skin but the head of your avatar (your playing character) didn't change? Because if that is the case then this must have other causes. This is pure speculation: but I know that MC 1.8 uses a different skin type than 1.7. So is it possible that you mixed up these types somehow?
  15. No the head that drops when you die. I tested it out, first try a head dropped. It was the original skin's face though. I logged out for a bit (at work) when I came back, the dropped head has the new skins face. I went to utopia to check others in my vault, when I came back it was original head again.
  16. I don't think my comment will help any of fixing this issue, but your friends may see your new skin on your head...? I don't know how to fix it but I see my friend head as his new skin but he complains he's still seeing his head as his old skin. or vise versa. (my other friend changed skin and I see his old skin and he sees his new skin on his head)

    just sayin this happens as well
  17. Ya I don't get it lol. I log out and the dropped head is like the avatar here, then it switches back to normal if I go to anything smp.
  18. I think it might deal with the servers cache. apparently they cache it for 1 month... Not sure how it would go from 1 skin to another though.

    do the new heads stack with old head?
  19. Here's the series of events that happened with them today lol
    • I had 44 in my vault. All from original skin.
    • I tried to kill myself to get another head, it originally dropped as the original skin again.
    • I was at work, logged off for a job. Came back and that new head now had the head of my new skin.
    • I then went to /utopia to check the ones in my vault. Those 44 were still original heads, no change.
    • Came back to smp5 and that new head was back to looking like the original.
    • Tested it placing the head on my wall in wild base and to me looked like original head. Damiensmom11 mentioned that it looked like my new head to her the whole time.
    • Switched to utopia, my 44 heads in vault looked like new face.
    • Went back to smp5, again tested by logging out and back in. Again it showed the new head, placed it on the wall. It's still there now. DM11 confirmed it looked like new head.
    • Once more to utopia with DM11 and heads in vault were back to original skin, DM11 confirmed.
    I don't know what to make of it all lol Hopefully this info can help. If needed the head at my wild base can be taken as well as the ones in my vault if a further look is needed.
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  20. I've been having the same issues... they change from the old skin to the new skin and back... 99% of the time its the old skin
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