skeleton horses

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save the horses

yess 6 vote(s) 75.0%
no , i like piles of unrideable bones 2 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. aiklar god of emc stop smiting my high speed horses pls

    i had a lot of my horses at my outpost in a stable get hit by lightning turning them into unrideable bones i am realy upset i lost a lot of high speed horses to this and IT WASN'T EVEN raining

    solutionL instead of them spawning wild they spawn tamed and saddled this would save me so many horses
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  2. This is a feature of 1.9, but we'll talk about somehow limiting it from the ones that are owned.
  3. thx i hope some thing can be done bout it
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  4. Maybe if you can make the bonebags rideable too, also the fleshpiles.
  5. With all due respect... There is an issue with skeleton horses, they are basically unusable at this point. I know there are issues with them, but you got to admit that because of other 1.9 features (see OP) it's also negatively affecting gameplay.

    In a normal regular EMC (personal opinion) Crazy up there would have been able to sell his horse for a lot of rupees.

    In my opinion this is a current problem on the Empire right now which I think really needs to be addressed. Skeleton horses can't be left inaccessible forever (IMO).

    As always just my 2 cents. And no, for the record: I really don't care about horses all that much. But I know plenty of players who do.
  6. Thank you for explaining it better than i could :D