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  1. I have been lead to begin singing for Charity.
    I have created an alt account, called Sing For Charity, and I, well, Sing For Charity :D
    I Ask of all who read this is listen to the video that i will post at the end of this thread. And Please, please, PLEASE like, subscribe, but most importantly, donate. I am not doing this for me, but for Christ.

    Donate here:

    Sing For Charity's Channel:

    I sing my first song, "By your side" By Tenth Avenue North :)

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  2. Yay, but no radioactive D;
    lolz. Will ask parents if I can donate
  3. Bump c:

    I have not reached 1k, but since i got 30 subs, i guess i can do that ;D
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  4. Pretty nice!:) I don't understand what's the song about, but that's my fault, I'm writing and reading English smoothly, but the hearing has some problems:confused: Could you tell me what's it about?
  5. It's saying that God will ALWAYS be by your side, no matter what you go through.
    He'll never leave you, nor forsake you.
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  6. Lol, i'm uploading Me singing radioactive on my jtc channel, NOT Sing For Charity.
  7. Why are you not uploading radioactive to sing for charity?
  8. Radioactive is not in any way an "encourging" song.
    It's a song people can get whipflash from by headbanging too much xD
    And i'd rather people give money to charity, not their hospital bill for their whipflashed neck
  9. Maybe you're right, but remember that much people will immediately click your videos away when they see it's about God. And also more people will search for radioactive than for by your side. You wan't to touch as much people as possible, don't you? We also want non-christians to donate. And, when people won't search for by your side, but for radioactive instead, they might see by your side on the related vids, and also watch that one. So you can even learn more people about christ:D So maybe you can take my thougts in considering, or, praying.
  10. This. So, so much. Words of wisdom right here :)
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  11. Lol, and that while I typed it on iPad and had to respell every word, because of the stupid keyboardXD
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  12. I never though of that before....
    Darn you, 607! Outsmarting me! :mad:
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  13. Another song, I can Only Imagine by MercyMe :)
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  14. Ok, this is the last time i will post my video.
    Please subscribe and spread the word to raise money for clean water in Africa :)
    $75 has been raised so far, and i know we can get more! :D

    This time, it's One Thing Remains by Kristian Stanfill
  15. But why you won't post them on emc anymore? Bumps are always nice
  16. I can't constantly remind people and say "Plox donate."
    Once i plant the seed, i must let it grow on it's own without aid.
  17. Just an update, but i am proud to announce that $100 has been raised for the charity :D
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