Simon's Unplanned, Unorganised and Unknown Mob Arena

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by JackBiggin, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. NickkG sadly isn't around today, so the one and only Simone has taken over for tonight. Since he's only had an hour to prepare, who knows how this'll go...

    Join us at /v mobarena on /smp5 at 8PM EMC time to play!
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  3. Who is "Simone?"
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  4. love the font <3
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  5. Doge looks fatter than I remember.
  6. Poor Simone. He might get squids for us to fight... or even a potted plant.
  7. Bring it on! :) thanks for the fill in :)
  8. Much can't.
    So attend.
    Very event.

  9. That was actually a lot of fun. Thank you, Jack and Simone!
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  10. I think that will officially go down in EMC as the most chaotic event ever.
  11. That was pretty awesome! I always love attending your MA, Jack. :p I think I stayed alive for.. 6 seconds? Great stream, Potato! :D
  12. This was one of the best events..
  13. Nuuu! I missed it. I was watching the news. xD Did "Simone" have the lava pit round? :)