Silly Stuffs #00001

Discussion in 'Share Your Let's Plays and Other Videos!' started by Redfutz, Sep 18, 2016.

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  2. ? this has nothing to do with help / support XDpost this under the video section :D
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  3. Hmmm... Perhaps,.

    But I was posting this because I was told we are not allowed to advertise streams/youtube/ most things.

    : )

    Sorry for the confusion
  4. So trying to break as many rules as possible with minimal effort? :D
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  5. As the res info shows, this is ceekaee's residence, not redletuce's, so he's not advertising himself. :p

    First off: You are allowed to advertise your Twitch and YouTube channels. I have two threads here where I constantly link my YouTube videos, it's perfectly allowed and even encouraged in the Empire Creativity section. :)
    Secondly: You're actually helping him advertise right now. ;)
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  6. The only thing you are not allowed to advertise is other Servers
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  7. I've moved this to the let's play/video section seeing as how this is a twitch related thing. The only thing wrong here was the section the thread was in, the content is perfectly okay. But remember, if you really are unsure of something, check the rules, forum specific rules or ask someone! :)
  8. I know that's what I was trying to clarify because I h ad a conversation with a mod saying otherwise. thanks for the feedback guys! :)
  9. Only thing you can't advertise is other MC servers here. That's what the other mod should have told you. As aforementioned, this thread is all good and in the right section now :)
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