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  1. Hey guys, I tried alot of times and alot of things, but I cant get a photo into my signature. I tried the ''insert media'' button, but besides Facebook (wich I dont want to use fot this) It is all movies. the Image URL button gives a sort of glitched photo (a sort of square with an X in it). Copy pasting doesnt work either. But still I see alot of people with photos in their signature. Can anyone help me please?
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  2. Try saving the photo, uploading it to (safe, easy site to use for photo uploads) and then copy pasting it into the box, that should work. If that doesn't, insert media will work easily enough from too! :) I have never had problems getting standard images to work on forums using imgur so you should find it easy too I hope!
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  3. I tryed imgur a couple times already, but it gives a sort of error (that square with a X in it) Ill try copy pasting now
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  4. That's odd, I haven't had any troubles with it... If it is a normal image then it should work fine :confused:
  5. It worked whit copying, thank you :D. Before I tryed compying the photo in my files, I think that was the problem.
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  6. I would also say click on the image on imgur so then you get the image link,
  7. I usually open the image in a new tab from imgur and then copy the link or photo from there, works every time. :)
    Glad I could be of service! :)
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  8. I think I have a issue with my browser, it doesnt handle certain things like the reply button (I have to do it manually every time) and maybe also the insert link thing.
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  9. Are you on IE? I also cannot do the reply button. Links usually work for me though.
  10. A quicker way to upload images would be to download lightshot. Click "install lightshot" at the top right of the page. After installing it, you can use it by pressing the "PrntScr" button on your keyboard. Pressing PrntScr will turn your screen slightly darker and it will prompt you to select an area. once you let go of the mouse, it'll give you some buttons. press the cloud with an arrow on it to upload it. once it's uploaded, you can either open it or copy the link. open it. when you open it, right click the picture and click on "copy link URL"...use that URL to insert it using the picture icon on the reply thingy.

    P.S: That may sound like a long process, but it's not. :)
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  11. yup, somethimes I use torch though, then it works so I think I will use it more often
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  12. Yeah, get a browser. Stop Internet Exploring!
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  13. The thing is, Add Block doesnt support torch :p
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