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  1. Sorry about all the questions that im asking lately. Im new to the server and havent had much experience. So, I have seen signs that have access or teleport. What do these signs mean and how do they affect players? If you know any more please list also.
  2. Access signs: If you have your residence with use permission turned off ... if you have an access sign somewhere it can be specified for 'all' players or a few players to have access to that particular button, door, chest, furnace, lever, or other items... without affecting the entire res.

    Teleport signs: There are multiple ways of making teleport signs - these are used so when someone clicks the sign, clicks a button, steps on pressure plate, or any other form of 'activating' it... will teleport that player to the specified location on the sign.

    Message signs: You may set up a message sign by placing a book with a message in a chest, below the sign - then when a person 'activates' the sign (similar to a teleport sign) a message will appear on his/her screen.

    Shop signs: You may set up shops to buy and sell particular things by having it near a chest.

    For more information - click the purple text above. :)
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