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  1. Why does the text on the signs shake? I've been seeing this for a day now.

  2. Could you please explain it more?
  3. I just stood staring at one of my signs and it didn't shake. Could you be referring to the signs with the scrolling random symbols and letters?
  4. Thats what I think he is talking about.
  5. &m I think.. Idk though so just check
  6. Are you talking about how the text goes all crazy on the sign? You do &k and random letters.
  7. No, not that, in the edit sign GUI
  8. can u post a screen shot?
  9. He means when you are writing a sign the text moves from left to right
  10. double post?
  11. sorry I'm on dial-up so it spazed out but I fixed it
  12. haha mine does the same thing
  13. Yeah, I get the same thing. My minecraft hasn't been doing it since I uninstalled Optifine and all the other mods I had in. However, all the colored text is now shifted to the left, and completely off-center. Do you have any mods installed or anything?
  14. Yea, Optifine, Ingame Info, ModLoader.
  15. Try uninstalling Optifine, that's what worked for me.
  16. &k and than put some random letters behind it. Like this:
    To 10215!

    I got this one one my own res on SMP5.
  17. This wasn't what we were talking about.
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  18. Oh oops
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