~~Shrekz Supply Service~~

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  1. ~~Shrekz Supply Service~~

    Welcome to LovelyLlamaz and WhozCoopz / WhozShrek Supply Service!

    For now we will only be selling limited items as we work stuff out etc, feel free to order whatever quantity you want, but please note larger quantities may result in a delay! (let me know how the prices are!)

    Stones / Building Blocks:

    Sandstone: Stack 110r | DC 5,800r
    Stone: Stack 37r | DC 1,900r
    Cobblestone: Stack 25r | DC 1,350r
    Hardened Clay: Stack 140r | DC 6,900R
    Glass: Stack 136r | DC 7,250r


    Pricing for all logs: Stack 115r | DC 6,000r
    Oak Logs
    Spruce Logs
    Jungle Logs
    Dark Oak Logs

    Birch Logs

    Order Form:

    Items and the quantities:
    Pick up or drop off (specify res)

    Pick up will be at 18080, please setup access chests and pay WhozCoopz

    Again, the item list will constantly be updated!


    NysileVerazi: 3DC of Oak Logs, 2DC of Junlge Logs, 1DC of Pine Logs

    DanialBuchinger: 1DC of Dark Oak, 1DC of Spruce, 2DC of Oak

    ww2fan1998: 4DC of Glass

    SkakreCboi: 4DC of Oak Logs

    TheKloned: 15DC of Cobblestone, 4DC of Any Wood
  2. Best name ever, haha
  3. 4 dc's of cobble
    delivered to 16266
    and what account do i pay and give access signs for?
  4. Sorry I should probably put that in the OP! Access signs and payment please go to WhozCoopz.

    Okay will get onto it right away!

    Price: 5,400r
  5. Order complete!
  6. all other vendors just got shrekt

    I'll order a DC of Sandstone, 5,800r. I'll pay this afternoon.
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  7. Alright order complete, would you like it delivered or pick up from 18080?
  8. 1 dc of stone bcuz im lazy and want my res done soon
    ill pay now, ill just pick it up
  9. Order complete!
  10. Items and the quantities: sandstone 2 DC
    Pick up or drop off (specify res): 15430 on smp7
    Will pay when delivered, or now. Whichever.
  11. Alrighty! Will get to work, also just pay upon delivery!
  12. 5DC of Cobble, 5DC of Stone.

    If I figured right, that's 16250r Delivered to 3801. Will pay once order is accepted.
  13. I'll pick it up! Paid now. Thank you!
  14. You don't want to be disturbed xD But order is complete, but there is no access signs on the res specified! haha

    Order accepted! Don't worry about paying until after delivery, thanks tho! haha
  15. Your order has been delivered! Please pay when you can! Thanks!
  16. Paid, sorry for the delay, thanks for the quick service! :)
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  17. Awesome, and thank you!