Show your vault!

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  1. Due to some curiosity earlier today, this is a thread where you share what's in your vault. I sahll start.
    Vault1.JPG Vault2.JPG Vault3.JPG Vault4.JPG Vault5.JPG Vault6.JPG
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  3. If you want to see my vault just imagine staring at an empty double chest :p
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  4. This
  5. umm, this would take too long to screenshot XD
  6. I really hope this gives me incentive to clean my vault out.
    2014-04-19_01.22.56.png 2014-04-19_01.23.01.png 2014-04-19_01.23.10.png 2014-04-19_01.23.15.png 2014-04-19_01.23.20.png 2014-04-19_01.23.26.png 2014-04-19_01.23.31.png 2014-04-19_01.23.36.png 2014-04-19_01.23.43.png 2014-04-19_01.23.48.png
  7. My one and only page is empty usually :p
  8. I am curious if anyone has the 50 vault pages.
    I use vault a lot and have a lot of pages, but not 50.
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  9. Oh, there's a few of them, won't give names, but some have.
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  10. I'm up to 12. I keep buying and naming more to organise things and then let them get totally disorganised :)
  11. How do you guys take pictures of just your vault? :confused:

    I could go into an editor and cut off all the edges, but was wondering if there was a way to do it directly? :)
  12. Most people just crop it, like me :p
  13. I have 18 vault pages ;-; Not happening but i'll sum it up,
    Pages 1-17:Junk
    Page 18: :Diamond blocks
  14. Do all :Diamond blocks have green faces with a big smile on them?
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  15. :Diamonds? Those are the best kind!
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  16. 2014-04-19_08.39.47.png 2014-04-19_08.39.54.png 2014-04-19_08.40.00.png
    Dont mind the crap in my inventory
  17. Of course!
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