Show Your Cat Thread!

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  1. Yess we love cats :)
    Show your cat below and include your cat's name and how old your cat is:D

    11 year old Tabby

  2. Rubix:D
    He's 2 months old (Yes he is huge xD)
    And He's a mix :p
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  3. Bums.jpg
    4 bums
    hmmm they don't have names yet...and all about 4 months old

  4. Me (24) and Wash (5ish) Meowz =^.^=
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  5. DSCI0016.JPG

    These are both really old pictures, but they were the best I could find quickly. The first cat, the black and grey one, is Tiger, who was an awesome boy cat who thought he was a dog. Sadly, he got run over at the young age of two :(

    The second is Sadie, who was a grouchy lady cat for the first 15 years of her life before turning really sweet for the last year or so. She passed away at 16.

    I love cats, but both mine are gone so I've only got awesome dogs now, someone should start a dog thread. Hope I didn't make anyone too sad, kinda made myself sad :(
  6. All of these cats... Is now a bad time to mention I am allergic to cats... although I enjoy their company
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  7. Tomorrow, cats.

    Be prepared.
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  8. Mine with magical blue eyes...
    (Photoshop is fun :D)
  9. My cat has a sixth sense, usually she just hides away somewhere in the house. But if someone allergic to cats in some way were to come in, she appears to have suddenly gotten social.
  10. image.jpg

    My cats! The red thing under them, that's me xD


    This is all of them on their little beds by the heat.

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    The one eyed cutie is my Minish, the sexy looking 3 color is my Sophie and the badass dood is Rorschach :p
  11. Woah, she looks like... so loved, you know >_< what a cutie.
  12. If I ever get another black and white cat I am stealing your idea and naming him Rorschach. And then I might get a white cat paint him blue and call him Dr. Manhattan...
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  13. I had a cat once.....then he decided my fathers brand new thousand dollar suit would make a good scratching post.....The cat lives with my grandparents now........
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  14. I'd love to see that Dr. Manhattan cat xD I named him Rorschach because he proved to be a lil... Well, what Rorschach is lol
  15. yes I love my little tabby (although hes not little at all hes like 14 pounds ._.)
  16. I used to have a cat that was 28 pounds.
  17. yay! i get to share mine! :D

    CassieBell :D

    Cassie, getting forced love from my dad lol

    Notch :D

    Notch, high on the nips of cat.
  18. Tha't the kind of cats i run into lol.
    I will KILL you!
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  19. ^ that's what the heck with camera flash look, I'm half asleep trying to lay on you and you flash a bright light in my eyes thanks alot. lol