show your animals!

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  1. i could have sworn there was a thread about this... but a little bit ago i took this photo, and i searched for the last half hour and i was unable to locate the threads. so, i'm making a new one! :)
    this is Notch; :)

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  2. Awhhh What a cute adorable kitty!
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  3. I am sad to say I have none. Would love to have a pet cat, but the roomate is allergic (and anti-cat).
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  4. awe! that is too bad :( they are such amazing animals!
    i have two cats :3 this is my second one, Cassi

  5. Wonder where you got the name? surely not from the creator of minecraft...;)
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  6. i have a bit of an obsession :p clearly. :D
  7. I decided but an hour ago "Why do I have all these pictures of my cat? I don't need them.". Now I have to get a new pic.
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  8. dogs.jpg
    These are my dogs. The little one on the left is Hudson, who is basically a mutt. The one on the right is Tucker, a goldendoodle. This is a old picture, Tucker's haircut is better now. I'm a dog person, these guys are my best friends (especially Tucker) :)
  9. oh my gosh! they are sooooo freaking cute!!!
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  10. Chloe. She's pretty photogenic.

    And also fat.
  11. He is remindim
    He is reminding me of an Otter.
  12. this is my dog, Wiley :)

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  13. This is Raker, he is almost 30. He is very old.

    These are my very load and annoying birds. Goldie and Sapphire.

    Yes, these are chickens, but these are my girls. I love them to death, i could never see anything horrible to happen to them, they bring me pride and joy.
    Rocket is the one with brown on her chest, and Popular is the one nesting. :D
  14. i really really really wish i could have a horse, they are my favorite animals... and we just don't have room for one. </3
  15. My neighbour also has some chickens, and a cockerel, I used to quite enjoy feeding bread to them over the fence :)
  16. I would post more of my animals. But i think is would crash the website for a while.

    I have
    3 horses.
    2 parakeets
    3 indoor cats
    5 outdoor/barn cats
    1 dog
    2 chickens
    This is way too many animals. Everyone one is spoiled, even the chickens. If you call their name, they come running at you. I love them.
  17. Yeah. Once i let the horses out every morning. The chickens beat me to the back door, waiting for their morning bread. They love to be hand fed also.
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  18. Every time i scroll past Notch. I keep thinking, why does she have a picture of a pet otter.
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  19. i'd love to see your other horses! ... i went blueberry picking last summer, and the people had these three beauties!

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  20. this is my grandmothers cat, Wyatt. he's so gorgeous!