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  1. Ever find huge clusters while mining and you just want to show them off ? Well heres the forum to do it !!!

    x7mx & I found this bad boy while we were tnt mining

    and then later on while ChrisFlareon & I were tnt mining we stumbled upon both of these areas

    What are your finds?
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  2. Challenge accepted.
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  3. You guys found cocoa pebbles?!
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  4. No, that's just the texture pack showing blocks differently. I'm pretty sure that those are iron ore blocks.
  5. Haha I was joking, but thanks :p
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  6. all the pebbles !!!!
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  7. What texture pack is that? It looks amazing.
  8. I'm not sure, but by the ore design, I'm thinking sphax.
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  10. You forgot, they also found lucky charms!
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  11. I went mining for the first time in eight months last year. I found all of this in exactly one hour (the diamonds turned into four stacks of diamonds after being mined with an ore buster)

  12. This is just stuff I collected over time mining ;)

  13. That is impressive, what is your mining method?

  14. I just strip mined. I found a LOT of caves that I explored, and some of those caves had diamond ores that could be obviously seen. I haven't gone mining in almost a year. Voting pays off. :)
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  15. Such delicious cocoa pebbles. Q wanted those worthless light blue ones, but who needs those? They taste gross.
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