Show off your skins!

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  1. I'm curious to see some of the creative skins players have on here C:
    This is not a contest to see who has the best skin, it's just for fun! show off loud and proud!
    oh, and if your skin is an Original Character of yours , tell a little of their story if you will, please! RETRO SPARK.png
    ^^^ Retro Spark is one of my most used skins.
  2. Have a look at my current one... Cant be bothered to attach a picture :p
    To see my previous one i have a statue of it @11464
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  3. I currently have an internet skin *embarrassing when I run a skin company* but I think I have a cool tiger skin shall show when the appropriate time comes...
  4. That's a really unique skin! I like it
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  8. Straight outta Tron Legacy.
  9. Skin show off? Count me in!

    I am very proud of this skin so yeah, I'm also happy to show off.

    When I started playing MC I simply had a skin which I downloaded from a website. I liked it but also realized it was "so so". So, some time ago, I figured that I should get myself something new but the problem was also that I liked the overall design (the microphone and the headphones I had).

    So I organized a prize competition, BabyCreepersRule entered and, well.. won :) The result can be seen above. What I like best about the skin is the hat and the way she managed to really combine both Redstone (my favorite resource in the game) as well as EMC (see back).

    And there you have it: this is me :)
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  11. None of these are wholly my design. I chose premade skins with the heads/hair I liked and recolored/dressed them.

    First two are me; cdjs1987 who is kind of a naturey/huntress/green Xena warrior-princess type of deal. TheRootSeller is my farmer/gatherer/florist character. Both 'live' at The Party garden in Utopia.

    the other two are Alain1087's, but I'm sure he wont mind me sharing them since I did the recolors (do you? ALR? lol.. of course not) his main character is the king Alain1087, and ALR1987 is his trusted knight/bodyguard. These guys live at Castle Events on Utopia.. so very fitting.

    Edit: Alexchance did the awesome rederings
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