Show-Off Your Pet!

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  1. This is a topic for you to show off your pet, whether it be a dog, parrot, elephant or turtle!
    -Please do not take pictures of a pet rock.. lol

    For example, here are some pictures of my cat named Angel, adopted her 5 1/2 years ago when she was 6 months old.

    Please, DO NOT POST:
    -Picture(s) clearly showing a pets' private part
    -Extremely injured pets (bloody, etc.)
    -Fake pets (virtual, from television, movies, etc.)

    Thread inspired by "Show Yourself 2.0" created by IcecreamCow.
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  2. Ur cat is soooo chubby. It makes her look extra cute!
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  3. Haha yeah, she was 18 pounds last time she was weighed, a couple months ago
  4. The one on the left (Golden Retriever) is one of my 3 dogs.
  5. Ha that's a great group picture!! My favorite is the husky, your golden retriever looks great too!
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  6. Ya, the pic was taken at the place where I leave the dogs while I go on vacay. I found it on their site.

    Can I post a pic of my pet LEGOS?!?!
  7. Lol no, sorry. :p Updating post.
  8. :mad: lol
  9. -Updated OP with a short list of things you should not post. Common sense that you should not post these anyway.
  10. My common sense tells me that it is wrong to not allow fake pets..I was going to post a pic of my NYAN CREEPER!!!
  11. Lol no thanks
  12. Was gonna post my pet rock....... CURSE YOU!
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  13. Can't post rocks?? you had your hopes up for nothing :(

  14. Roxy, the golden lab in the snow! She's our family dog and also my mum's guide dog :) She's 11 this year, I think..
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  15. My kitty Ralph =3

    Snuggled in a blanket =3

    A few hours after I bought him home ... over 6 years ago

    This is George .. a few years ago. He is a few feet longer and a few inches fatter now.

    And Bella the dog. Definitely not the cutest dog on this planet lol. But she's awesome anyway.
  16. Nice dog! looks adorable
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  17. I'm jealous of 2 things. The cuteness of your dog and that fact you have snow.
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  18. *Insert picture of girlfriend*
  19. Neat pets, your cat is cute I especially like your snake