Show me your Pumpkins!!!

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  1. The Judges have voted and the results are as follows:
    - Chascarrillo coming in 1st place
    - Eklektoi bringing in 2nd place
    - D1223m and SuperVal_Junior sharing the 3rd place and prize

    As well as the main winners, there were also a few secret awards and prizes:
    :eek: Pumpkin panic - ItsMeMatheus wins set of iron armour to protect them while running away
    :( Pumpkinless - Michael102 earns a stack of pumpkin seeds to hopefully grow some pumpkins
    :mad: Predapumpkin - Sonicol gets a gold sword to satiate their aggressive tendencies
    :cool: Patriotic Pumpkin - Kilmannan doesn't receive a prize, but definitely gets recognition for celebrating the season while they were on a military tour. :p

    The entire album with all entries can be found here. I would like to express a big thanks to all of the entrants as well as the judges, your prizes shall be distributed as soon as i am able (with the exception of the 1.4 content which will have to wait a few days for). It was an enjoyable contest to run and i hope everyone will participate in future ones. :)

    A few simple rules:
    - One (1) screenshot entry per minecraft account
    - Pumpkin must be the main feature of each design
    - No offensive material to be shown

    Additional info:
    The screenshot can come from any personal minecraft source, whether it be EMC, or single player games, and it must be your own! (1.4 content is acceptable).
    The screenshot can be either sent to me in a private convo or uploaded directly to this thread. Once entries have closed they will all be compiled into a imgur gallery for the judges to judge from, and will afterwards be open to the public for viewing.

    Entries will close 8:30am GMT on Sunday the 28th October, to allow time for judging.
    The more original and creative, the higher your chance of winning prizes.

    Prizes will consist of the following:
    1st Prize: 10,000r and 64 Pumpkin Pies!
    2nd Prize: 5,000r and 32 Pumpkin Pies!
    3rd Prize: 2,500r and 16 Pumpkin Pies!

    Additional secret prizes also exist, but won't be announced until the
    final results are unveiled.

    The draw for judges has been completed, and the following members will have that honor, and 500r for there assistance :
    - Chascarrillo,
    - Codygraw101,
    - AlexChance,
    - krysyyjane9191,
    - PenguinDJ
  2. Im gonna enter this!!

    EDIT 1: Can we do teams? Or pairs

    EDIT 2: Drat! Mine was amazing too!

    GLOBAL EDIT: First! More edits coming soon!
  3. I will enter. My mum can help me with what a face should look like, because she can do amazing things with Pumpkin carving. So good, somebody is actually paying her to carve a pumpkin for them :p
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  4. So this was te competition you where thinking about :p
    I'll be sure to consider entering
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  5. I think he means build one in Minecraft.
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  6. I know. If she can carve a pumpkin IRL then she can help me with the face in Minecraft.

    I've never been good with faces in Pixel art...
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  7. Ohh, I misread what you were saying :)
  8. Teams/pairs is fine but each account can only be the 'official' entrant only once. So another member of the group would have to be the 'Official' entrant if you have an individual entry. :)

    Yep, I was working on the picture and sorting guidelines. :)
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  9. Thought about judging but think I'll enter. It's been a while since I was in a contest and this is gonna be fun :)
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  10. 2012-10-21_20.35.08.png
    Story - a man named no other than Steve was touring the world when he saw in the deepest cave a portal of some kind, with a devilish looking pumpkin in the wall. As Steve twisted in the portal, he looked away from the pumpkin and back and the pumpkin had gotten 3 blocks closer! Steve stared at it until he teleported. As he landed in the land with no rain, he jerke his head to the side. A loud and evil laugh issued from the monsters maw. Lava suddenly flew from the ceiling, engulfing Steve. As he burnt, the orange creature drew a scythe and chopped off Steve's head. Being burnt and orange, the head looked like a replica of the monsters. The head came back through the portal, to be discovered by a team of forensic police 730 years later. Steves head was treated as a relic, and I was named the pumpkin. But legends told that one day on each year, the pumpkin would live again...
  11. Cool! I'll enter! :)
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  13. bumpity bumparooey!
  14. Nice work, looks like a giant pumpkinie magma cube. :D
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  15. :D I submitted mine
    This is probably an invalid submission (because most is sandstone), but I just finished and it (than found this post). I thought this would be at least relevant to the Halloween, so- after 3 minutes in photoshop- TA DAH!. =] I made this as a pumpkin farm for my Desert Town on SMP8. (Has a 64 pumpkin yield)

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  17. It looks pumpkin themed enough for me, desert pumpkin themed farm and tower. :)
  18. Oh- well okay than! ^__^
  19. Didn't really expected to have this kind of moustache but meh.

    Pumpking didn't get invited to the party so he tp himself there and scared everyone and they ran away.
  20. The Skeleton Guards are protecting the Pumpkin Temple. There is a maze inside to protect the Emperor. If you look closely there is an attacking spider looking for revenge. 2012-10-21_09.26.10.png