Should this be banned?

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Should DHMO be banned?

Yes 13 vote(s) 44.8%
No 16 vote(s) 55.2%
  1. School started recently and my chemistry teacher decided to show us this and get our opinions on it. I found it interesting and figured I should ask all of you what you think of it. I want YOUR opinion so please don't read any comments until after you have voted on the pole. If your opinion changes, just say so in the comments. Here it is:
    A chemical known as DHMO has been analyzed extensively and its discovers are noted below.
    • If inhaled, DHMO can kill you even in small amounts. It is estimated that about 10 people die because of this every day. DHMO has no odor or color.
    • DHMO has been found in tumors.
    • Prolonged exposure to DHMO in its solid form can cause severe tissue damage.
    • DHMO is used in many biological weapons.
    • It is a major component of acid rain.
    Even with these concerns, DHMO is still used today. Such uses include:
    • Used as a cooling agent in homes
    • Put into many "All Natural" fruit juices
    • Commonly found with cleaning agents such as shampoos and hand soaps.
    • It is used in many other situations and comes with products that young children may come into contact with.
    The answer may seem obvious, but please answer the poll so that information can be gathered on the communities response to DHMO.
    Please read my opinion after answering the poll.

    My opinion on DHMO, also referred to as dihydrogen-monoxide, or even more commonly referred to as "water", is that it should not be banned for obvious reasons. :p
    The purpose of this was to show us that we should take anything we read with a grain of salt, even things that are very scientifically based. Many of you may be raging at me right now but I would like to make sure you know that EVERYTHING said above is completely true. Think about it and you will agree ;)
  2. Is DHMO Dihydrogen Monoxide? If so I believe this is called water...

    Edit: I found it's Wikipedia article. NVM, this stuff is deadly...
  3. It was pretty funny when our teacher told us what it really was.
  4. DhMo contains ~50% hydronium ions, pure acid evil, and another ~50% hydroxide, the part of a base that can melt substances :eek::eek::eek:.
    Not to mention if you drop a large chunk of sodium, potassium, etc. into it it can create a powerful explosion!
    All users of this substance have died or eventually will die.
    Raise awareness!!!

    I hate to admit it, but I am a regular consumer of DhMo. End the madness.
  5. Okay, let's try and ban water from our blue planet :p
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  6. It has killed millions in the past hundred years. Secret U.S. government agencies have even used it to extract secrets from terrorists.
  7. I was told this joke by my Chemistry teacher last year...
    Now I'm taking AP Environmental Science ._.
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  8. Hooray for chemistry teachers, always trying to have fun.
  9. One hundred percent of criminals admit to drinking DHMO.
    One hundred percent of people who die have drank DHMO at some point in their lives.
    There was a guy who said that the entire town's faucets were filled with Dihidrogen monoxide and almost got arrested for disturbing the peace.
  10. I believe DMHO actually has a *slight* blue tint.
    (I read this in a national geographic kids magazine, i dunno if it's true)
  11. I remember when I was in sixth grade and my teacher told us about this. XD Best scientific prank ever. "HEY! Don't drink that, it has a large percentage of dihydrogen-monoxide in it!"
  12. BEST. ONE. EVER.
    i really hope my science teacher talks about it now...
    fumes of DMHO can be inhaled
  13. I had to read this 10 times before I realized that it had to be a total troll.

    I say ban it and imprison anyone caught transporting or dispensing it to minors.:p
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  14. Actually, all of that is technically true. What you quoted is called drowning. The number may or may not be true (I just took it from the first thing I saw on Google).

    Alcoholic drinks must have some water in them so technically we are already arresting some minors with DHMO :p
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    More votes for No?
  16. It is an outrage. How could we not want to ban something as deadly as DHMO :rolleyes:
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