Should Renting a Building on a Residence be Allowed?

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Do you think it should be allowed?

Yes 9 vote(s) 69.2%
No 4 vote(s) 30.8%
  1. Ok so I am wondering if anyone else out there has a constructive opinion on this?

    I personally feel it should not be allowed as it has lead to many arguments and probably reports in-game due to people not paying their rent. I don't honestly understand why anyone would want to risk their items on someone else's res when they are allowed to have a free one themselves. I know some people will say that they do it so people can play together and what not, but if that is true why charge? Also if you do this you run the risk of the owner of the res allowing it to go derelict and you losing all your stuff.

    So I am open to constructive criticism or opinions, but do not turn this into an argument. Do not bash others for their opinions or start any arguments on my thread. Keep it civil.
  2. i think if someone wants to risk their items let them.... as long as they are well aware that if they dont pay assets will be seized and property will be turned around there shouldnt be an issue
  3. I agree with bitemenow15. Also, the only useful thing I have found for "renting" a room is when you don't have multiple res and play on multiple servers. Being able to have a safe place in town, if nothing else, brings a certain peace of mind. I personally rented a place on a different smp other than my own before FNM the first time I went. granted I later realized there was the whole vault thing going on. Otherwise, like most things in town, it is superficial and fun. People are going to complain and report about nonsense no matter what rules are put in place. I understand the no banks thing just because of the many ways it can be taken advantage of. This could too but I can't see it being as big of a deal as banks and when you start restricting the way people play just because things could be a problem when they never were, you push players away.
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  4. Some people like to rent rooms and buildings on other residences, sometimes for a proper purpose, sometimes just for fun. I think it should be allowed, you don't have to rent anything if you don't want to. Those that do should know full well that they are putting their trust into somebody else, as long as they are fully aware of everything then I see no issues.
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  5. I rent rooms all the time if for no other reason then to give a newer player some rupees
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  6. Exactly as all of the people said above: if they want to put their items/rupees at risk, then let them put their items and rupees at risk and of course if a rule is broken then a staff member will intervene. There's no 2 ways about it.
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  7. What's the point in renting a room or plot if you can make your own on, you know, your own damn residence?
  8. I can see things becoming a problem. It is somewhat like banking.
  9. ^^^ That.

    Rules like "not allowed because it can potentially create reports and complains", or "it would be too complicated for kids" are a disadvantage for the whole community because of some percentage of (potential) trouble makers and perhaps convenience of the staff. But any merits are questionable, because rule breakers usually do not follow rules.

    With such restricting rule, any person that would like to rent or rent out storage space would be discriminated and possibly offended - and many do have storage on other servers / plots.

    Any preemptive prohibitive rules are saying to the community: "You are incapable."
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  10. Multiple people have already answered that question... in this thread no less :p