Should Ibuy FRAPS?

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Should I buy FRAPS?

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Yes, Buy FRAPS! 14 vote(s) 58.3%
No, Theres better software you could use! 10 vote(s) 41.7%
  1. I have been wanting to start myown minecraft show on youtube but I don't know what screen recorder to use. I have been asking around and most people are recomending FRAPS but it's $40!
    Please vote for ifI should get FRAPS or not, if you know of anything better please tell me here!

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  2. Please help me out guys!
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  3. No, get an illegal version :)
  4. Rule breaking post.... cant discuss illegal activities such as "This is how you steal minecraft" etc...

    Needless to say that that rule includes encouraging ppl on doing so
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  5. What eva pushed your buttons, go cry me a river

    *Edit* So much for this:
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  6. that post was made after i posted here... either way rule breaking is rule breaking, and i feel no shame on pointing it out

    totally different than flaming threads
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  7. Trying to look good infront of everyone when on skype you said you were joking, right, very grand of you.
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  8. w/e m8, have a good day
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  9. Guys can u plz keep on the topic
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  10. I guess he can buy Fraps since its the most common one, or do a buit of research in google for some other software.. perhaps even freeware that can do the same.. i guess it all depends on the quality and interest he wants to put into the videos
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  11. Well I have tested cam studio and the video was rubbish but the audio was alright but I want both video and audio to be good...
    Hypercam 2 is free now should I try that out?
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  12. i've never used or hard about Hypercam 2, i think i have a valid fraps license i can spare you, as i no longer use it.. however i need to research if its legal to transfer ownership
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  13. Yeah no one I have allied to in RL has heard of Hypercam either... Maybe I shouldn't use it!
    I wouldn't worry about trying to give me you software license it's probly better I buy my own anyway, but thanks!
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  14. I liked everyone!
  15. Doesn't that cost money though I looked at it it was confusing!
  16. TYo
    Nothing worth having is free.

    You need to look a little harder. :p It has presets that a monkey could understand. Even YouTube HD settings.

    I made a 16 min video in 720P of the SMP 7 Wilderness spawning locations, before they all get destroyed, that I'm uploading to YouTube now. Link to follow later this afternoon as I have to go to work now. :(
  17. If you have an epic pc, epic OpenGL grapx card, epic processor then just buy it. If no, carefull with it :)
  18. Do you get a free trial period with bandicam?
  19. I believe there is, but there will be a "bandicam" watermark on it.