Should I auction this?

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Should I auction this?

Yes 20 vote(s) 57.1%
No 15 vote(s) 42.9%
  1. As the title says, should I auction this?
    If so, should I auction this now or wait will the Dragon Tombs come out?

  2. Dude, you weren't supposed to show this publicly LOL
  3. Well, these things practically drop from any ol' enraged mob... Even if you auctioned it, I don't think it would be of much value..
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  4. I personally think you should, but thats because the buyer would get a big deal. If you auctioned them, You wouldn't get nearly the ful price you sell them for per.
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  5. Leather is pretty expensive and that drops from every cow in the world.

    Alright, I personally think you should wait for Dragon Tombs to be released. People will be wanting it then.
  6. Definitely better to hang onto 'dem shards. :D
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  7. That is an insane amount of shards! I personally think you should throw them in a pit of lava before you destroy the market for them. Make sure you record the destruction or else we will know you are just sitting on them. I think you would get a lot of views of that.;)
  8. Sounds like a great plan!
    I'll think about it :)
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  9. Pascal, I'll escort you on your trip to Mordor if you decide to throw them into the lava. ;) (many shards to rule them all) :D
  10. I would pay 8 mill for the lot
  11. Pfft, that's nothing i only have 2 yes 2 WHOLE!!! Shards!
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  12. I'm working on my SECOND DC!

    What should I do with that?
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  14. i agree, Burn the shards!! :p
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  15. I would love it if you sold Some to 9044, in need like 20-30
  16. Oh
    ._. gg
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  17. Doubt if alot of people need this
  18. Well if you want a serious answer, sell now. Between now and then the number of these in the market will just increase, and your stockpile will decrease in value. Also the mystery behind how they are used increases their value. It might take only one dragon stone to do whatever with DTombs. If so, then it is worth it for players to go out and get their own, thus your supply loses value. It might take only one (or a few) dragon stone per group to do whatever with DTombs. Again, it is worth it for them to just go ahead and get their own, and thus your supply loses value.

    It would also likely be worth your time to auction them in stacks, as you are in touch with a larger market and will make more money (alts are helpful here).
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  19. -claps furiously-