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  1. This thread is for the Empire's merchants to advertise and describe their shops.

    Please post only shop advertisements; no comments or discussion.

    Also, each merchant gets only one post to advertise their shop(s). This post can be edited and updated at any time as needed.

    * If any posts are made that do not fit these rules they will be removed.

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  2. The Empire Shop

    Type /store to visit the official Empire Shop.

    Sells all items!

    Extremely expensive but always in stock!

    We sell the things you can get in the Wilderness for free!
  3. The Dark Tower Shops

    Lot 606, smp1

    Dark_Liz's Shop of Horrors

    Located in basement of the Dark Tower.

    Items Sold:
    • Arrows
    • Bows
    • Bones (I also buy bones)
    • Flint and Steel
    • Lava (I will buy back your Iron Buckets)
    • Rotten Flesh (I also buy Rotten Flesh)
    • Slime Balls (I also buy Slime Balls)
    The Nether Market

    Located in a small nether cavern, follow the signs.

    Items Sold:
    • Flint and Steel
    • Glowstone (I also buy Glowstone)
    • Lava (I will buy back your Iron Buckets)
    • Mushrooms, Brown
    • Mushrooms, Red
    • Netherwart
    • Netherrack
    • Soul Sand
    • Nether Brick
    • Nether Stairs
    • Nether Fence
    Incidentally, I also buy Flint and Feathers, and sell Iron Buckets, in both shops.

  4. The Mushroom Mall
    Lot 427 | Shops lining the entrance pathway.

    Items on sale:
    • Wheat
    • Seeds
    • Sugar Cane
    • Bookshelves
    • Melon
    • Pumpkin
    • Pumpkin Seeds
    • Cactus
    • Wood (all three kinds)
    • Saplings (all three kinds)
    • Cobblestone (stock not guaranteed)
    • Vines
    Ironically no mushrooms, yet.

    Items I will buy:
    • Gravel
    • Flint
    • Feathers
    • Bones
  5. Star Buy alot

    Lot 849,In the spawn

    I buy from you:

    More stuff is Coming.
    Come and sell your stuff at me!
  6. The Black Market(lot 710)
    For sale:

    • Obsidian 1 for 10r
    • Black Wool 1 for 15r (subject to change)
    more coming soon(ex. cobble/stone/stone brick,iron ingot,lapis blocks,and most of all dyes and wool) PS.Will be opening upon the completion of the tower of solitude!!!!
  7. As this shop was unsuccessful, I am shutting it down and will be making a new one, very soon, so stay tuned!
  8. Grand Library Support Stall (416)

    Help support your local library! Sell your books to help the Grand Library flourish so that tales of daring adventures, terrifying horrors, and romantic stories may travel across all of the empire!
    You may find the Grand Library Support Stall in front of the fountain at lot 416.


    - Buying from you -
    Temporarily Closed to the Public
  9. NEW SHOP COMING SOON||||| Res. 1357

    I am pleased to announce that I (Soybeen) will be creating a new Shop and Apartment Complex!

    Not many items are for sale yet, save cobble, redstone, and some lapis, but I would like you to keep your eyes peeled!

    I will edit this post as time goes on.
  10. F Y N R I E L ' S
    Open 24/7

    Server: smp1
    Lot: 809

    Fynriel's has a huge assortment of goods. Across 6 floors, you will find any item you could possibly need!

    Across from the store is a "Selling Area" which allows everyone looking for a job and eager to earn some rupees to work for me by gathering items and selling them to me there.

    776669862159.png 350615622653.png 542287202031.png 770556140170.png 576708337702.png 798205131144.png
  11. Clan23's store
    Providing all your basic needs at lot 1125
    I sell
    -Cobble Stone
    -Cooked Porkchops
    I also buy
    So comm'on down to the best in town. You will not be discuraged!
  12. GameKribJim's Store | Lot 101

    Items sold:
    • All Diamond Tools
    • All Iron Tools
    • Smooth Stone
    • Iron Bucket (also bought)
    • Glass
    • Dirt
    • Brick (sometimes)
    • Beds
  13. Lot 643 "The Royal Shop"

    I sell it all at lot 643!
    Browse from Building Blocks, Mining, Ores, and Gardning
    Here is some of my amazing inventory:
    Iron-6.5 Rupees
    Gold-9.5 Rupees
    Diamond-25 Rupees
    Wood(35)-10 Rupees
    Cobble(64)-1 Rupee
    Coal(35)-5 Rupees
    Obsidian-7 Rupees
    Glowstone-7 Rupees
    Sand(35)-15 Rupees
    Come Quick While Supplies Last!
  14. AusMob92's Normal Store with LOTS of Stuff :) LOT: 2232
    My store is pretty normal but has heaps of everything at a good price, from Farming to Construction and even Food and Mob Drops. My store has everything you could need!

    Pumpkin/ Melon seeds, Sugar Cane, Wheat, Sapling, Cactus and Eggs.

    Beef, Pork, Chicken, Bread, Brown/ Red Mushrooms, Melons and coming soon Cakes.

    Mob Drops:
    String, Ender Pearls, Rotten Flesh, Slime Balls and Sulphur.

    Bookshelf, Furnace, Fence, Fence Gates, Ladders, Wooden Doors, Iron Doors, Pistons and Torches.

    Cobblestone (and stairs), Wood (and stairs), Sandstone, Sand, Glass, Glass Panes, Gravel, Dirt, Stone, Snow, Leaves, Glowstone, Netherrack and Wool.

    Diamond, Coal, Iron, Lapis, Redstone and Gold.

    I sell every tool in every type, including; Diamond, Gold, Iron, Stone and Wood. Also every Sword.
    Armor comes in Leather, Iron, Gold and Diamond.

    All my prices are incredibly fair and most items can be bought in bulk. I've priced my items according to how rare they are, what it takes to make them, how much I have and many other factors so the prices often change.
  15. RandomZh 's CC

    /visit 1728

    Selling nearly all useful items. (Mostly in stacks of 64.)

    Specialized into the following items: (These are very cheap)
    64 Glowstone = 900r (equivalent 14.06 r per Glowstone)
    1 Glowstone = 16r
    1 Clay_Brick = 1r (equivalent to 1 Bricks = 4r)
    64 Clay_Brick = 64r
    1 Slime Ball = 50r
    1 Sticky Piston = 60r
    64 Bones = 192r
    1 Lava Bucket = 30r
    64 Arrows

    Stuff is nearly always on stock (except for Lava Bucket)
    Ok hi guys i sell:
    iron for 4 rupees (when i make a sale) usually 5 rupees
    gold for 9 rupees (NORMAL PRICE AT MY SHOP)
    Diamond for 29 rupees which is my normal price i sell diamonds for
    Obsidian for 10 rupees each
    cobblestone 32 for 6 rupees
    I sell cobblestone generators aswell just come to my res and check them out if you like one you pay me the amount of rupees that i have put on the gens and i will come to your res and build it but dont forget to give me permission to build in your res:)

    And i buy:
    Diamond- 64 for 1400 rupees

    So Come By To My Res And Checkout Some Of My Items That Are For Sale Thank You For Reading :D
  17. mattdholloway and Geekner's Shop

    Our shop is located on mattdholloway's amazing wilderness style residence, the shop currently has three floors of items. We are adding more items all the time! We can restock fast because we have an on-site storage room, an on-site forest, a floating forest and two on-site cobblegens! Why take the risk of using an untrustworthy shop for your resources? make no compromise, choose us.

    Visit Us Now!
    /visit 1062

    1. Stick
    2. Sign
    3. Wood
    4. Birch Log
    5. Cobblestone
    6. Dirt
    7. Sugar Cane
    8. Piston
    9. Redstone
    10. Sapling
    11. Lava Bucket
    12. Torch
    13. Bone
    14. Netherrack
    15. Soulsand
    16. Sand
    17. Glass
    18. Bread
    19. Fence
    20. Stone
    Visit Us Now!
    /visit 1062
  18. Sir_Creeper Superstores

    Nether Section NOW OPEN
    Sir_Creepers Casino Dungeon NOW OPEN
    New Shop On SMP2 at Lot 3876 We Sell:
    Pretty Much EVERYTHING You Could Need!
    And Many MORE

    Remember No Creepers will come ruin your shopping experience at Sir_Creepers ;)
  19. The Stacked
    Sells everything at a reasonable price
    We sell
    Obsidian 10R each
    Diamonds 25.5R each
    Gold 8R each
    Iron 5R each
    Lava Bucket 23R each
    Water Bucket 13R each
    Glowstone 10R each
    Logs of all Type(10) 3.5R
    Planks (10) 1R
    Leaves of all types(64) 2R
    Coal (5) 6.5R

    @ 3135. Why choose us? We have a forest to farm a farm to farm and secret* so we will have stocks
    Our Aim is to be the cheapest, best and welcoming shop in SMP1 and 2.
  20. I have a fairly simple Shop at 4048 on smp2. Im looking to expand so plz come and support it!!
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