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  2. Very good idea! I will sticky the thread.
  3. Thanks for making it sticky Justin. :)
  4. I love the shops that have been advertised so far!

    Some really cool themes!

  5. Okay, so one day I stumbled upon this really cheap shop but it had literally everything. It used redstone torches above the chest and signs to show whether that particular item was in stock or not. I have searched for two whole day looking for this same shop, but I can not find it. Anybody know which shop I'm talking about?
  6. Nevermind, I found it: Will's Warehouse, Lot 1968
  7. Just a note:

    I would advise everyone who has a shop listing in the Shops of the Empire thread to add which server thier shop is on along with thier lot number (i.e. Lot 606, smp1). Otherwise, your shop will be potentially quite hard to find.

    Also, while I'm at it, it would be great for anyone who's shop is no longer active to either remove it from the list or update it to reflect it's inactive state, if temporary (i.e. Temporarily Closed).

    And remember to keep your list of items up to date. People look to this thread to find things they need, lets not disappoint them. :)

    Shops of the Empire thread:
  8. Another note, on a personal level this time:

    I won't buy from shops that advertise as being "cheap" or "the best", or that advertise in a way that is remotely spammy, scammy, or a stretch of the truth in any way.

    Just the facts! Anything else is unnecessary... and all too often inaccurate, if not an outright deception.

    Of course, flavour text is fine, like "SoandSo's House of Lava. Get it while it's hot!", or "Boblahblah's Farm Market. Providing you with food so you don't starve!". That's stuff is just for fun (so long as it's not sending a false message), or to convey a philosophy held by the owner.

    I see that there are several shop ads that just say what the shop sells and where to find it without adding anything that makes it sound fake. Kudos to those who have done this! I admire your integrity! ...and I'll be buying things from you when I need stuff.

  9. Just to let everyone know, in order to clean up the Shops of the Empire thread I will now be deleting posts by members who have not logged in to the website for over one month.

    This will reduce the amount of inactive or no longer existent stores on the list.
  10. Sounds like a great idea!
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