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  1. Today I wanted to buy a bundle of arrows for a trip to the wilderness. I went to my usual nicely organized shops on smp 1, but couldn't find them in the section I thought was most obvious. I checked a few other sections in the same shops, and still couldn't find arrows.

    Where was I looking? In the weapons section of course! Little did I know, after browsing a shop on smp 5 and stumbling upon them, that people put them in the mob drop section. This makes sense, as arrows are dropped by skeletons, so it obviously belongs there.

    What I ask is that shop owners ALSO stock arrows next to their bows in their weapons sections. This would have cut down on a lot of frustration and wasted time for me.

    Thank you!~
  2. :S I feel your pain.. its like finding Books in the wood section of a shop when there is no wood used to craft a book.
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  3. They're in the Mob Drops section of the shops.
  4. and would the owner feel the pressure of deciding where to put more or put equal amounts because they don't know if shoppers know or get frustrated. There would be less stock anyway so some might be frustrated on having to jump sections. So is there a reasonable solution? I don't know.
  5. I missed that part entirely.
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  6. *Woosh*

    But feedback has to be a part of the solution right? That's why I felt it was important to post this and let other shop owners know.
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  7. check mob drops section
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  8. ummm no? i put things in the appropriate section arrows are a drop the bow itself is the weapon. why would i put it in two places? that just means its gonna be more of a hassle for me to stock while all you have to do is go to a different teleport. redstone blocks are a redstone item and a block so should i double stock them too? theres tons of items liek this dont be a lazy steve
  9. What I do in my shops is: If there's something that can go in two sections, like redstone or lapis, I put a chest for them in the minerals section, but put a sign saying they're in the redstone or dyes section.
  10. Bows are weapons - meant for that section and arrows are the feed for that weapon - though dropped by mobs, so is in the mob drops section. Taking into account what Mr jay2a said above me here, there could be signs by the bows in the weapons section hinting that the arrows are in the mob drops section, that way, you do not have to stock two different areas for one item :)
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  11. That all doesn't make sense: Bows are also mob drops and arrows can be crafted, too :p It is completly arbitrary.
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  12. Thank you to all of the above! Bitemenow15, I understand it can be a hassle to stock the same items in different locations, but just like IRL stores stock items in multiple places because it encourages the buyer to buy more. I did not buy from the first person I went to because I could not find the arrows no matter how many teleports I went to. It never occurred to me, a long time MC player, that someone would put them in the mob drops section because I always crafted mine. *shrug* That's just how my logic worked.

    If suppliers cannot keep up with doing twice the stock work, however, signs have been suggested and sound like a great solution to several items that seemingly belong in multiple places.
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  13. Yup, got that down already. You should see the guy above you that said the same thing. :p
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  14. wait...what stores do you go to where things are in different sections? every single one i have ever been in has one place for an item. ive never seen the milk put in the frozen foods section or the bread put in the spices section. is this some kind of international trend?
  15. Maybe they kept milk and bread in the hardware section.
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  16. Where I live most grocery stores will put certain food items near each other. One immediate example is the angel food cake that Safeway put near their strawberries while they were on sale. Near the apples were small containers of caramel and chocolate fruit dip. There are several other examples (not all in the fruit section, that's just where I went last :D) but this is the point I was trying to make.
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  17. so like australia then or england
  18. What? No, I'm in America. ^_^
  19. Bannas and Nilla Wafers!!! right next to each other in produce, but the wafers are also in the cookie isle. lol

    But I think you have made a difference to mall and shop owners, because I now see a sign next to the bows saying where their arrows are sold.
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  20. theres safeways in amerika?
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