[SHOP] Shulker boxes, bulk blocks, elytra, god armor, and more

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  1. Hey all, I have started a new shop on res 4000 on smp2. I am currently selling both god armor and unenchanted armor, shulker boxes, bulk blocks, enchanted elytra, dragon heads, shulker heads, and a few other items. If you have any questions post them down below otherwise head over to 4000 on smp2 to check it out for yourself.
    Shulker boxes only 2750r

    God armor 2k per piece
    Elytra 10k (with mending and unbreaking 3)
    Unenchanted diamond gear priced at 50r a diamond!

  2. Did i win a prize for being the first visitor ?

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  3. prices so i dont have to go there?
  4. Click the image.
  5. 4k is steep for a shulker box
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  6. You're right, I have reduced the price to 3k.
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  7. bump, lots of prices have been lowered, including god armor and elytra.
  8. Hey benny, I know you are excited about your shop but I would appreciate you not advertising it on my thread for my shop. Thanks.
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  9. I’m so sorry, I deleted my post, and will never speak in this thread
  10. It's ok, don't worry about it!
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  11. BUMP! Shulker prices reduced!
  12. can i ask you to save me a set of god armor?

    I am currently out of town and i can pay friday Thanks!
  13. Will do! Ill put it in a separate chest for you to the left when you spawn on res 4000!
  14. Thanks I will pay on friday
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  15. Paid and picked up thx!
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  16. Thank you!
  17. bump, lots of shulkers still in stock, elytra will be restocked soon!