Shop res with diamonds? Would it work?

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  1. Hi so recently I had an idea where I can make all these little shops on my res where diamond is the currency but I have no clue how it would work. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. It wouldn't be something supported by EMC, so you couldn't be able to use shop signs because those involve rupees. I could imagine setting it up where players can only shop once someone is actually there to 'sell' them stuff. Could be a fun idea, but I think it would mostly work for roleplay only.

    So: using the /trade command to perform the actual trading...

    something like that?
  3. You could also use a redstone shops and allow the player to throw / input set amount of diamonds in a hopper and they will receive it back in the same hopper or another container / dropper
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  4. Is it possible for them to put in a certain amount of diamonds and a dispenser dispenses a shulker full of what they bought then it breaks and goes back into a hopper.
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  5. The redstone engenering for this exists, it has even entered the realm of easy, but it has been tried before.

    Put simpely: Though diamonds would be a good currency in a minecraft world that has none, the ruppee simply is far too vercetile and stable for it to work.
    We should not forget that the value of the diamond relative to the ruppee has changed far more than any item on EMC, making it, in that part, a bad currency. They also are worth too much for smal transactions, forcing you to buy in larger quanteties, and everyone accepts ruppees, diamonds are far less accepted as a form of curency elsewhere.
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