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  1. I was there yesterday. The stack of hoppers on the right side of the chests don't lead to a chest so they fill up without filling a chest. Once they fill then the stack of chests to the left start filling.
    It's a great farm, well built. I came back with more ink then I know what to do with.
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  2. That's for easy shulker filling ;)
  3. Awesome list!

    Can you add my shop? It is on SMP 5. Thanks! :D

    Shops That are Selling Items
    11372 - shavingfoam's shoppe 2.0 - Mall that sells most items

    Shops That are Buying Items
    11372 - shavingfoam's shoppe 2.0 - Mall that buys most items
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  4. Can you add my shop to the "Shops That are Buying Items" section too? Sorry for the spam. >.<
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  5. No problem. Added you to the list for buying items, but you were already listed in the selling section. Someone must have suggested you already :)
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  6. Oops, didn't see that! Thanks! :)
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  7. Exactly
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  8. I have a shop on smp2 at 3404 you can do /v +burger I sell most common items including building blocks, mob drops, farm/food items, elytra, shucker boxes, enchant books, ores and ingots, spawn eggs, wool
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  9. Can I add my TreeHouse Apartment under Misc? It's a one-time payment, permanent stay apartment on utopia /v +treehouse, with games all around it like chess, checkers, connect 4, tic-tac-toe, battleship, othello/reversi, custom Snow Goal, and recreation like a huge pool and minibeach, free drinks, a sauna, a maze, parkour staircase, ice boat racing, and pig racing/maze.
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  10. both were added :+1:
    once again, the list is up to date (hopefully)
  11. 5898 on utopia has a stone gen
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  12. Bump.
    Looking to add any more shops or locations to the list.
  13. I have a dye shop at 9348 SMP4. PM for bulk buying.
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  15. More misc res locations for smp7:
    14281 +minigolf = minigolf and a large coaster
    14358 +wonderland = an Alice in Wonderland walk-through adventure
    14284 +list = an smp7 teleport hub, promo collection, some areas to explore/look at
    (this res also reached with +banner for a banner shop so maybe add it under "Selling" also)
    15232 = community farm with all crops, trees, and animals
    14006 = promo museum
    14002 = rare item museum
    14503 = cubefragment coaster
    14458 & 14456 = Miner Madness coasters
    14012 = AncientTower tribute build

    I thought I had sent these to you in a book in-game a while back, but perhaps I forgot to. :confused:
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  16. On the list of shops I wonder if it is worth adding the player name/owner? I recognise a shop more by that than by the res number.
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  17. "15766 = Majestic Kelp Bay, selling Kelp !!"
    This isn't actually set up as a shop....unless I couldn't find the buy/sell signs...? All there is is a sign saying to message on forums to order kelp.
  18. Another couple of shops on smp7
    14411 azoundria7
    14314 Paranoid_Android
  19. 5198 seems to be under construction and the only shop chest I could see was selling some sea lanterns, nothing else
    +ee works but none of those other location tags work for 5486

    (I'm currently updating an in-game book with lists of shops and utilities and trying to sync it with this list)