[Shop Creation] EMC Smart Shop

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  1. AWESOME!! i will use this and give full credit to u! :p
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  2. Doing some bumps
  3. What does this do exactly?
  4. He explained fairly well in the video...
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  5. My shop will be opening soon, can you build these for rupees?
  6. This is pretty nice... Very creative... I gotta give that to you :)
  7. Great;) Very nice how you explained how it worked. It's a really clever idea, actually.
  8. It is a sand gen, it generates sand with a glitch but if a staff member catches you, you get banned.
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  9. xD
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  10. Is this currently the most compact version you can make and thank you. I am using this in my residence :)
  11. This is a pretty neat idea, Are you giving people permission to build this themselves? If so I'd like to and of course I'll give you credit for it. By the way, I like your profile picture, Biscuit.
  12. I will probably use this on my res whenever I get around to actually building it (yes i will give credit to you) speaking of which i still have no idea for my res XD