Shop Contest -First round VOTE!

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Please answer here if you voted on the form or not

Yes i voted on the form. 207 vote(s) 77.0%
No i didn't vote on the form. 62 vote(s) 23.0%
  1. Yay you like my shop! :)
    Everyone feel free to check it out, its 4443 on smp2
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  2. wow this guys shop is vary neet smp9 is the server herbrin3 is awesome i just was looking around and found this guy has a Hug shop and sell things vary cheap. If your on smp9 please visit him Epic guy and Epic shop. ( His res number is 19000) i think
  3. Ofcourse i like it, sadly you aint in the top 21 :s
  4. When do u get the rupees?
  5. Very happy to finally be on the list :p :D

    Made a short video of my shop which you can see here:

    Be sure and watch in HD

    Love the audio I found for it :)

    Good luck to all.
  6. I accidently clicked No I didn't vote but I did so please enter me for the 5,000R raffle thing please THANKS
  7. I will don't worry.
  8. Vote /v 4005/AlexChance ;)
  9. This is a great idea for anyone who wants a good shop that they can trust! Hats off to you Copherfield! :)
  10. I'm suprised D1223M isn't on there. Oh well. I voted for Leo
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  11. After all is done, will the number of votes for each shop be posted?

    and ty josh <3
  12. Hehe.
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  14. I'm closing this round this night :)
    Yes, i'm giving the number of votes
  15. I vote for BloodDisciple---3883---SMP2 :)
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  16. Don't forget to check out my shop @10670- smp 5 :)
  17. Thanks
  18. oops i clicked no on the vote D: sorry friends
  19. i meant to click yes
  20. Don't worry he'll enter you in the drawing anyway