Shop Contest -First round VOTE!

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Please answer here if you voted on the form or not

Yes i voted on the form. 207 vote(s) 77.0%
No i didn't vote on the form. 62 vote(s) 23.0%
  1. Shop Contest
    Closed first round!
    We will count and authorize the votes.

    209 votes so far!

    I'm no longer accepting votes for the first round of the shop contest.
    We will choose a random name tomorrow (based on a random name chooser script) and hand out the 5k!
    Start eating your nails or whatever you do when you'r nervous! - Congrats to all the 22 finalsts!

    IT is finally here!
    The first round of the shop contest being supported by the Delta Team and other members it's now up and running.
    You may vote for your favourite shop and help them win epic prizes.
    The first round ends from here to 5 days, we will choose the top 9 and make a seccond round to decide the finalists.

    We will choose a random name from the voters list and give a 5,000r prize, that's just to bump our votation and get more people to check it out.

    Check here the shops:

    Leowaste---3456---Smp2 : &
    SecretAznEks---3043---SMP2: &
    546007 --3493--smp2:
    Nole972-- 5015--Utopia:
    Dreamytje and BeLugh--14141--SMP7:
    krysyyjane9191--3553--SMP 2:
    erosego-- 10670 --SMP5:
    Oleyy ---10739---SMP5:
    alta0506 ---11116---SMP5:
    Lukas3226 ---432---SMP1:

    We will check the usernames based on ip's please avoid using fake information.

    Please don't forget to answer this thread's poll in order to count your vote,
    You may vote for yourself (your shop)
    You may ask for people to vote for yourself, please be moderated (it's ok to put a sign on your shop, to make this thread your signature, to ask couple of times on chat but please don't spam chat, forums and please don't ask in any exagerated way)
    You may not give rewards for people that votes for your shop
    You may not promise anything to whoever votes
    You may not be a pain in the chat
    You may not disrespect any other shop owner, we will only accept positive comments
    You may not be rude before or after the voting closes
    You may not try to cheat
    You may not use other username to vote, it doesn't matter if you have alternate accounts you as a person can vote only once (we will check ip's and if we find any match we will not count the votes)
  2. Can u vote for ur self? Lol
  3. Yes it is allowed to vote for yourself.
    Lemme add some rules, thanks leo!
  4. Ehh, how do i vote?.

    [Edit] How did i miss that banner o.o
  5. go to the link below the banner thingy
  6. I could not remember res name so i just did Playername - v Playername - Smp*

    Still count?

    [Edit] My Fav shop (D3r3k_fawns) on smp2 was not listed, so a randomly gave a vote. :)
  7. Some nice entries. I can see a run for my money with alex's ;p
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  8. ;)

    Can I vote with both my accounts?
    *EDIT* Nevermind :S
  9. No matter how it ends I am honored to be in the same league as these other shops. Good Luck all! :D
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  10. Question: me and ignor are two different people but currently we alternate using the same laptop....can we vote once as each person? Technically we are two people...
  11. My sister and I both play Minecraft from the same house will both out votes be counted because we will probably have the same IP?
  12. I also have a brother, can he vote?
  13. I vote for BeLugh and Dreamytje.
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  14. My vote is going to be keep a secret.
    Well see how long that lasts
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  15. Your point being?
    You voted for me?!? Aww, thanks! :D
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  16. Maybe ......
  17. I think he is trying to make you jelly :D
  18. Well, that would be nearly impossible, as to turn human cells into an inanimate, edible object is a high order. xD
    And I will never be jelly.
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  19. First person to say:


    has to pay me 10000r.
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  20. I vote for Dreamytje and BeLugh--14141--SMP7:
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