Shop at 13131 smp6, use /vault if your res is on another server

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  1. Hello all this is just a quick post to let you know that 13131 mall on smp6 has lots in stock.
    I buy and sell most items at my mall I also have a sell shop for some items.
    use teleports at main entrance or stairs to move around the shop.

    The teleports will take you to :-

    Food and mob egg's
    Mod Drops
    Building blocks
    Wood logs planks
    Tools and Armor
    Enchanted E-Books and tools books and exp bottles
    Gems, gold, iron, ores etc
    Redstone, and redstone items
    wool , dye's
    Potion ingredients
    Sell Shop

    Please feel free to look around, buy sell etc.

    If you want to sell me large quantities of good/items I would advise you contact me first as my shop is well stocked and if you move items through /vault to sell you could be disappointed.
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  2. NIce, i will come by
  3. Great Shop Silken! Almost always in stock and good (not overly expensive) prices! :)
  4. Tnx and bump
  5. When you say you're buying things in bulk, would you buy things like DCs of Emeralds or DCs of tnt?
  6. probably but i'll take the tnt:cool:
  7. Emeralds are welcome but I have enough TNT tnx