[SHOP] 1145 (smp1) a new meggamall :D

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  1. Hello all, I think this is he first long post I post :D
    I have just done my meggamall at 1145
    I have tried to be make evrything cheap, but not that cheap that the sell prices are to low.
    okay, but what are the reasons that I have made a new meggamall,
    I don't like that huge megamalls with millions of rupees budget (my Original budget: 200Kr finaly (including stock) 600Kr) only to build. I think it needs to be small and to look trough.(this is not the reason that I have made it full out off glass) and I think a meggamall don't need to be just a meggamall. but it also needs to be a funpark too, so I have made a funpark (/v 1145 funpark or /v 1144) and last but not least I wanted something to build design and work with. okay here some screenshots:

    (text on signs: a frendly riminder to evryone: don't forgot to vote evryday at: emc.gs/vote. ( http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/vote/ )

    the tp room for all teleports:

    and the Original drawned design: (it's 15x15 cm or 6x6 inch)

    oh, ít does only have the items from the 1.7 so when the 1.8 is on emc I'll use the (now in build) extra shop undergrownd to sell and buy all the 1.8 items during I'm updating it :D
    And last of all: I do also have a funpark at 1144 and 1145 so endjoy :D
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  2. Bumb (yes not Bring Up My Post (B.U.M.P.))
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  4. I had no idea your mall looked so amazing from the outside. Maybe a teleport to a viewing area would be cool.

    From what I remember of your mall, it was easy to find things, but many of them were sold out, and you were often out of rupees.
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  5. yes I know... my rupee balance IS very low for now :( (8032r at the moment on jelle68 (my shop balance))
    but the stock is much times better something like 750% of the items is in stock and the total stock is worth 500Kr :D
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  6. builded the view platforms + a promo sell place (I sell) (is just showing the rares I want to sell with the price in to a [ PREVIEW ] chest :D )
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  7. 750%? As in, for every item in your shop, there are 7.5 items in stock?

    Or 75%, as in, all the items everyone needs most are out of stock, but you have all the items they don't need like crafting tables, bowls, flint, and magenta wool?
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  8. the last 75% (I just miss-typed) but suggarcane is for 500% in stock (couse I have got 4 DC's to much...)
    and yes... it's hard to keep usefull items in stock... they are like sold out imedeatley :(
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  9. I think if you want to ensure a constant supply of those items, search them up and make sure your shop is paying one of the top prices for the item. In that way, people who produce that item will sell it to your shop and you'll have less items to restock. Plus, this helps ensure that you aren't accidentally pricing below the buy prices of other shops, which is not a good strategy for a mall.
  10. ^ done That and I have started with makeing the chest for the 1.8 update (50% done)
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  11. I went, was very pretty. I love the door! I probably love the sound it makes even more than the door itself lol. Good job. Just know: keeping up a mall is a LOT of work.
  12. Think you About the door It's my own design :D
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  13. Buzzy with updating 1.8
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  14. Still Buzzy with 1.8 I'm half done now :D
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  16. B.U.M.P.
    whaiting untill the 1.8 items have one price.
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  18. Guess what I want to say :D