Shiny Arrows [A Question]

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  1. Ok so I know I have not been around for a bit, but I was out doing some exploring and fought and killed one of the flaming spaz skels. it dropped the shiny arrows and I was like " cool I will take these home and store them". Unfortunately I had to fire of some shots at a few other things and then realized that I used the shiny arrows. Is there any way to make it so that you will only fire those if they are all that is in the inventory or some way to set which one you use?
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  2. not that i know of when i used to hunt enraged (when they had a higher spawning rate) i just kept some random chest nearby scattered across the desert dropped em in there
  3. well that sucks...hmmm guess we know the next request for Aikar huh?? :)

    While I got someone there any way to add someone to a locked chest after you place the sign, or do you have to remove it and then replace it again to add them?
  4. hmmm i think you need to replace the sign
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  5. bummer. Oh well. I will have to redo some of my wild base anyways so I guess I can do it then.
  6. Problem is keeping it simple enough to judge that.

    I'm considering something like combining a shiny arrow to a bow to enchant the bow to shoot them, so that only bows enchanted with the arrow will shoot them.
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  7. Which means you would need to add the same enchant to the marlix's bow, making it even more OP.
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  8. Marlix's bow would auto imply that stat.
  9. what is the difference between shiny arrows and regular arrows?
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