[ShellVent] Valentine days mob arena = lovely chaos :)

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  1. Hi gang!

    So I turned blue today (in a good way!) and one of the first things I did was nab a much wanted "vacation residence" on smp5. I've said it many times already: smp2 & smp5 are my two favorite servers, so I'm very happy to have a place of my own on both of them.

    This evening I went over there to check out my new cool field of grass and then my friend pointed me to the mob arena. Never realized / remembered this was on smp5...

    Now, I didn't get to see all of it (ran off in between to help a friend, it was over when I came back), but I do have some funny things to show you which I think are worth sharing with you guys...

    We all know about the cool valentine's day promo, right? Well, it looked as if it even found its way into the mob arena:

    Apparently that made the arena master think, or maybe it was worked out all up front, I really don't know. However, what I do know is that cupid's love also quickly found its way in:

    The invasion of the cupid pigs!

    This was obviously the most deadly of all the invading mobs by far ;) Why? Because it was so funny, at least I thought so, that the distraction and grinning alone could kill you. Because you see... Chin wasn't done, not by a long shot..

    Because one moment there were pigs, the next....

    .... the mobs got enraged! b00m, b00m, b00m alright!

    But all of this chaos wasn't enough for our Chin, nuuu. I stand corrected that I should never have doubted the stories which my friends told me :)

    Because the next moment Chin suddenly said:
    And someone was griefing alright, "griefing" the whole server that is! :D

    I wonder what happened ;)

    This was pure chaos. And if that wasn't enough, there was even more chaos on the mob arena menu...

    Because it was valentines day after all, love is in the air, right? Well, no offense to Rainbow obviously, but when he's working the mob arena and sends love in the air then... I think you'd better RUN:

    Zombies, skeletons, withers...

    Our contestants made a valiant defense though, the wither got soon chopped up ;)

    This was indeed pure chaos, of the deadly and spectacular kind!

    And who won you asked? Well, unfortunately I missed the end because I was helping a friend out (sometimes that really comes first), but in the end hallandr721 came out as the sole survivor.

    Congratulations to hallandr721, and once again thank you Rainbowchin for organizing such a spectacular event!
  2. I tell ya man, RainbowChin goes off his meds just for the mob arena.

    He is completely insane; like a kid in the candy shop when given the controls - has to press every button and turn ever lever.
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