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  1. About time I did this.

    Once upon a time I started a shop review thread. Sorry, no links. Plenty of people liked it and some even used it. But as the thread grew larger many players became derelict. And that's where demotivation kicked in. Having posted several messages I could strike out more than half because the owner stopped playing :(

    Now: I'm not complaining mind you. I'm just explaining why I stopped doing that (even requested the staff to lock & bury it).

    Here is a new attempt. And the reason why I know this won't demotivate me? Simple really: this thread is as-is, it's a showcase to share with you guys some of the wonderful residences on the Empire. And because the emphasis doesn't lie on shops there is also no need for me to make sure all is up to date. If players do go derelict then I like to think that I'm helping them to keep their work alive for a long time to come.

    Rules: If you must you can send me a message to suggest a residence BUT.. only if it's not yours :p This is about spreading & sharing, not advertising your own stuff. If you really want to you can PM me in-game but note: no guarantees.

    Note: I realize that the Stream Team is doing something similar. The odds are against me but I am not a copy cat, I started shop (/residence) reviews long before the stream team even existed. The sole reason I still pursue this is because the Stream Team operates outside the EMC forums so in my opinion we can easily work next to each other. I don't see any conflict here.

    So without further ado....

    SMP3 is in my opinion a bit of an underdog, and I like underdogs per definition. True story: if I ever get the chance to claim another residence then my first one is going to be on SMP3 out of principle.

    I think you can see where this is going :)

    Where: 7389 (SMP3)
    Who: junglbot57's residence

    When you first set foot on Jungl's residence you'll notice a really interesting tennis court and a stairway right to the top of the world (next to the jungle tree) :) This residence is filled with funny comments and remarks :)

    Now some points of interest here, and without spoiling too much :) Jungl has an interesting flag & banner collection. If you turn around after landing on the residence you'll spot this. It even has Aya's favourite banner:

    Next to this Jungl also seems to like collecting heads. In a very nice (and not so grim) fashion. Just for the record: heads are really not my thing, but even I like what she's doing here:

    This res. is IMO a lot of fun to just walk and look around and see some of the fun stuff going on there. I especially liked some of the signs (which I am not going to share :D) because they were so funny :)

    And of course I also like the artwork on the res. itself too:

    I like things like this :)

    Those signs again? Would you stop bugging me :) But ok, to finish I will share one example of the signs which I thought were really funny. Note: I donated to both :p

    This is of course assuming both hoppers went to different chests. One way or the other: it worked for me and I donated something to both :)

    Oh, and those stairs?

    Climb up for a wonderful (not shares, I'm evil ;)) view of the surroundings. And if you decide to jump down be sure to do so in the middle. Where a trampoline will be waiting for you to bounce you back up again :)

    Coming up next

    A random residence on SMP4, I'm going to work sequentially on this one. Sorry AyanamiKun: not yours because it's not quite finished ;)

    #emcisawesome and you know what? It is YOU and ME who make it awesome IMO!
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