[Shell rant] I love the /mail system :-)

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  1. Hi gang!

    If there is one thing I hope for its that we'll keep /mail when 1.9 comes along. I just love the /mail system so much... Here I am getting a book & quill while I could just as easily have spend the time on this to write the person a forum PM. Instead I chose to rant on the /mail system now that I got all the required ingredients to make a book & quill and probably get myself into trouble for spending too much time on all this ;)

    But seriously... I just want to share how much I enjoy the /mail system. Like right now: all I want is to send a message to a befriended shop owner about buying stuff. And I am in a really deep "EMC mood" at the moment; so in-game it is. Yes: it takes me effort to collect paper and leather to make books, ink sacs and feathers to make the book & quill and if that's not enough I also need to write something in it. The horror!

    Sure: /mail send <friendly shop owner> "I think I got all your gold", could be easier. But easier isn't more fun. I really love the idea behind us being able to send books to each other for free. It's awesome IMO!

    /mail send <player name> <subject here> and off you go. Sending books is free, items will cost you 50r. Even so; I think it's just one of those awesome systems which we all take for granted while in fact it deserves a rant like this sometimes.
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  2. A rant on good things, love it.
    Only dislike to mail is this....
    Isn't however one word? Such horrible.
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