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  1. I am the type of person that looks at the keys when I type. Most of the time, the conversation has moved on by the time I send my message. So I need all the help I can get.

    Today cadgamer101 let me in on a great little trick to start a private chat. @101 will start a private conversation with him.

    Also I hear there are some new short cuts for inventory management in 1.5.
    Share any short cuts tip or tricks that may help folks like me save some time, i.e. shift clicking.

    Random video for no reason at all :D this was the year I was born. I'm so proud.
  2. /w, /msg, /tell, /t, and @ all send private messages. Talk about overkill!

    Oh, and there's /c, /ch, /cht, /chat, and /chat[anythinghere] for chat commands.

    Kinda like... longcuts?
  3. Is there a shortcut for visiting a wild outpost? Such as /v wild west.
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  4. I don't think so just /wild, but /wild N or S,E,W, would be good
  5. /res tp Spawn_Wilderness_West/South/North/East
  6. Not much I can think of here besides the fact that you actually don't have to write out your name when selling an item :p and or using the up arrows to go to previous commands you have entered! I.e. /home or /v 0000
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  7. Another example would be /entc instead of /entitycount
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  8. /res pset/set player flag t/f/r
    Hitting a res with string will display /res info
  9. hmm... Shortcuts... I honestly don't know any.. at least of ones not posted yet :p
  10. For anyone not aware you can change residential flags (or get information about a residence) without actually standing in that residence.

    For example I can type /res info chickeneer anywhere on smp4 and get the information for my 1st residence even from the wild.
    I can also type /res set 8144 use t - to set use flags to true on my residence anywhere on smp4
  11. There's also
    /res list AlexChance - which isn't really very useful :p and
    /who smp1-9 on any server, so you don't need to go to each one to /who
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  12. Another trick that I know of.. If there is a tall tower of sand or gravel that you want to get rid of, break the bottom most block and quickly place a torch. All of the above blocks will fall and break on the torch.
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  13. At the bottom of a sand stack where the sandstone is dig under it leaving at least 1 block under the sand place string then break the block and the sand will break on the string, collect the string, sand, sandstone and start again. When you have a full inventory fill ender chest also, then head back to town and sell to the shop at 13131 :p
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