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  1. So I just finished redoing my residence to spruce it up a bit and I thought, "Hey I love seeing other reses on EMC, why don't I make a thread for that?" So this is that thread. I will share my res first!

    This is my res here. To the right side there is my Chorus Farm and the chorus tree I have showcased. While to my left is Steve and Martha my villagers and my latest creation that I got another picture for. While in front of me is m living quarters and the clock tower.

    This is the creation next to the Villagers. It's NA half of SA and half of Europe along with the Arctic under glass. The idea came from the Mash Up pack Greek Mythology for Minecraft PS3 and 4 edition. Where it was located in the temple on mount Olympus.

    Anyways can't wait to see what awesome homes you all got!
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  3. I love the world map, great idea!

    Dragons and serpents in battle.
  4. I've posted this before, but since we're sharing...
  5. That build is so lovely Keph <3
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  6. I've been to that build at least three times now, and somehow I've missed the floating house in the sky every time. :p
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  7. Nobody ever looks up... :3
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  8. I've been building a city square type build on my quadrant for a long time now, and kind of left it for a few months. Now I'm back and hopefully it'll be finished soon =D here's my progress so far:

    The hub at 8638, come visit!

    Only residence that's complete. Right to left: DP house, clocktower (inspired by shadow's build in the OP), and town hall.

    My WIP mall, /v +SLM

    My multi item auto sorter, most complicated thing I ever built

    The rest of the residences are empty, planning to build houses on them.

    hope yall like it!
  9. Doing a wonderful bump.