Share Your Photoshop Masterpieces!

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I created this thread for everyone to share their photoshop masterpieces. Here is one of mine, I was going to upload more but imgur started acting up after these two pictures.

    Yes I know I am amazing since I made the cars look like prototype drawings. :)
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  2. Just sayin' there is a photoshop section
  3. Nice but can I also see the original picture?
  4. I love using Photoshop but I don't really edit images. I just make my own images from scratch I actually have my own thread Link However I did put FDNY21 In a Audi Quattro so here it is

    Will follow this thread.
  5. Back from my RP WoW days. Our nice little troll village.

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  6. I don't have the original picture anymore and the layer that shows most of it is somewhat... botched
  7. Not Photoshop, but I used Microsoft Word to create this masterpiece.

    I created more, I will share them over time. This is the first one I have made.

  8. Before


    There is no before or after to this one

    For this I used an image of President Lincoln an image of the civil war



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  9. Made a new signature
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