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  1. Hey Guys!

    Welcome to KJHaddrell01's Photoshop Thread!

    This is where I post my Photoshop art. It is pretty much a hobby for me to create pictures like posters or DVD Covers as I want to do that when I leave school or something along those lines.

    I pretty much want to show people my pictures and get your feedback on it. Such as telling me What is good and what I can improve on please just don't be rude. :)

    Pretty much every BUMP I will post a picture and hopefully get some feedback on it.

    I will do any pictures but as I am mad on football I probably do more football (Soccer) but I am doing Minecraft any many others. You can also request me to do one if you want as I am always up a challenge.


    Thanks For Reading and hopefully you would enjoy these pictures.


    #1 November 9th 2015: Energy Matters DVD Cover

    For my coursework were doing graphics at the moment and one of the projects is make a Dvd Cover about a movie and pretend your one of the cover designers.

    Anyway this made my teacher a bit amazed.
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  2. Looking good and looking forward to future edits, following the thread now! :)
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  3. Looks nice man, keep it up!
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  4. #2 November 10th 2015: I made a poster about remembrance day tomorrow where we have a minute silence to think of those people who gave up their lives so people can have the freedom they have today
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  5. Just saying that is not jeremy clarkson
  6. Jeremy Clarkson is on there... He's behind the other guy, look in the sand dunes :p He's also on the back cover
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  7. needs more lens flares
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  8. #3 : Manchester Derby Poster
    I made this ages ago before the game so Well anyway here
  9. I'm studying graphic design and I'm quite proficient with Ps, I could give you some design advice links :)
    As an example; I got hired recently by an association to design their logo:

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  10. Looks very nice! Keep up the good work.
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  11. Bump: Jeremy Clarkson in hospital
    This is a image I made at school for the DVD cover Energy Matters (which is on the first post). Why posting another picture? Well... with the first image you can't see it well, so here it is in better quality and bigger size. Hope you guys like it. ;)
  12. FDNY21 in a Audi Quattro
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  13. This is pretty cool actually :p
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  14. Well... Im starting a project of a game cover.

    Fifa 16 cover so anyway if there is any football (soccer) people on this knows that Manchester United big rivals with Liverpool and I'm a Man United fan so I didn't like the cover due for Jordan Henderson (Liverpool Player) being on the cover so I decided to make my own cover. However Man United are better than Liverpool I have started on a new cover. So far I decided to start at the front (not yet finished) I just want you guys feedback on it so give me any suggestions or positive feedback thanks.
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  15. I can see that the FIFA 16 Logo is ever so slightly over to the right - see if you can center it some more, other than that, looks great!
  16. Oops... just notice that haha get that sorted out soon.
  17. I do this for a living, work for a major advertising firm dealing with print and web media and illustration. Have a BA in visual communications from Berkeley. If you have ANY questions feel free to ask me at any point here or in game.

    #1 Fairly solid idea... which is the most important part. Could use a little bit of work on the contrast between the copy(text) and the images themselves. For instance on the back cover the copy that goes over the blades of the windmill gets completely lost. Could remedy this with either a light grey background behind the text with an opacity of 20-30% or put a border around the copy itself. Same goes for the Title copy on the front of the slip cover. The word "energy" gets too lost in the image itself. Like I said, overall fairly solid idea though.

    #3 (Manchester United v Manchester City). Never... Never.... never ever... break apart someone's logo. It is their identity, their brand. The poster idea is a VERY solid idea, however the half logos would be a complete no-go for any professional use. If you did the full logos next to each other, adjusted the overall alignment slightly and killed the outside border that would be something I could expect to see in a trade magazine advertising the game.

    Overall, your work shows a lot of promise. It's obvious you are learning, but with each piece you show you are getting better and better. Keep up the good work, keep practicing. It seems you have the first and MOST IMPORTANT trait for this line of work already, you've fallen in love with it. With that, the rest can come easily.
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  18. Thanks for the feedback Dektirok