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  1. I'm sure there was a thread somewhere, but I'll start a new one just for fun.

    I'll start. Press f3 before you die to record your coordinates.

  2. dont forget to bring a towel
  3. Placing Ice under Soul Sand will cause you to move extremely slow.
  4. Yes, but then if you place cobwebs on that soulsand+ice and then block with a sword and walk, you move the slowest possible speed in Minecraft
  5. When in Survival Multiplayer, consider making use of governments and economies.
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  6. dont eat the red mushrooms
  7. Fix'd that for ya ;)
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  8. remember that shiny enchanted sword when going to the wild!
  9. Pigs don't fly.
  10. Oh my god xD
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  11. Alright guys, here potato tips 101.

    1. Potatoes.
    2. Potatoes.
    3. Potatoes.
    4. Potatoes.
    5. Potatoes.
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  12. *sees email that Choongjae replied to this thread* * says to himself before looking at it* I bet it's about potatoes!
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  13. When in doubt...? TNT!
  14. I love dares, I do them all the time XD
    1. Never forget to bring a water bucket with you. It gets you out of tight spots, douses Enraged mobs (and yourself, if you're on fire), and is generally one of the most handy things you can carry.
    2. Fire Aspect on a sword means pre-cooked meat! Makes a great tool for harvesting livestock.
    3. Cyan Sheep are ringleaders of evil. Keep them separate from the rest of the herd or they may lead your flock to certain doom.
    4. Screenshot everything! You never know when that random pic you took will become a great memory.
    5. Towns make for good memories, but Wilderness makes for epic ones. Spend some time in the Wild with friends, you'll have some magnificent stories to tell when you return.
  15. hugging creepers is bad for your health!
  16. Stay alive...
  17. Correction: Given sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine. :D

    (Think pig launching TNT cannon.)
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  18. Putting a pressure plate behind a door will make it so you don't have to remember closing it
  19. i meant to say sneak, and i wasn't really counting potion effects.